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Play+ Prepaid Card betting Maryland

If you’ve been enjoying sports betting in Maryland for any amount of time, you’ll notice that many sportsbooks offer the Play+ Prepaid Card as a banking option. Often referred to as PlayPlus, this popular payment method offers unique pros and cons compared to the rest. We’re going to check out everything you need to know before choosing the Playplus Prepaid Card as your preferred banking method.

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What is the Play+ Prepaid Card?

Playplus is a cashless, reloadable account that you can use to fund your Maryland sports betting accounts. Besides using it to make deposits and withdrawals with your sportsbook accounts, you’ll also receive a physical Play+ Prepaid Card that you can use offline.

You’ll find the physical card useful for making purchases anywhere in Maryland that accepts Discover cards. Plus, you can also use it to withdraw money from Maryland ATMs that accept PULSE and NYCE cards.

Maryland sportsbooks that Use Play+ Prepaid Card


One of the strengths of the Play+ Prepaid Card is that it’s widely accepted among Maryland sportsbooks. Some of the top names that accept the card include:

BetMGM Play+ Betting site

Signing up for a BetMGM Play+ Card is very straightforward. You can do so by logging into the BetMGM MD mobile app and signing up for a card at the Cashier Page. Once your account is approved, you’ll be able to use it immediately with BetMGM for both deposits and fast payouts.

Fund your Play+ account and then use it to transfer funds to your wager account. Not too long after you’ve signed up, you’ll also receive an MGM Play+ Card sent directly to your residential address.

DraftKings Play+ Card Betting

Draftkings is another Maryland sportsbook that offers Play+ as a banking method for both deposits and withdrawals.

If you don’t have a Play+ account already, you can sign up on the Draftkings Maryland website on the Deposit Page. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to add funds to the account. You’ll receive your DraftKings Playplus Card in the mail within 10-14 days of funding the account.

DraftKings highlights that the mailing address on both the Play+ account and the banking card you use to fund it must match so that the transactions are approved. Once you’ve funded the Playplus account, you can use it to place wagers on DraftKings.

Fanduel Play Plus online bets

FanDuel MD is another top operator in Maryland that lists the Play+ Prepaid Card as a banking option for deposits and withdrawals. You can sign up for the FanDuel Play+ Prepaid Card through the Deposit Page by choosing it as a payment option.

You’ll receive a personalized Play+ Prepaid Card sent to your mailing address about 10-14 days after you’ve signed up and funded the account.

Barstool Sportsbook Play+ online betting

Barstool Sportsbook MD is another leading name in Maryland, with its Barstool Sportsbook Playplus Prepaid card. You can sign up by going to the Cashier Page and choosing Playplus as a deposit option.

Once you’ve enrolled and funded your Play+ account, you’ll receive a personalized card in the mail 10-14 days after that. At Barstool Sportsbook, the Play+ account works for both deposits and withdrawals.

How to sign up for a Playplus Prepaid Card


You can sign up for a Play+ Prepaid Card through your preferred Maryland sportsbook. Here are the steps:

Register with your chosen Maryland sportsbook

First, you’ll need to register for an account with the Maryland sportsbook of your choice.

Enrol for a Play+ account

Then, head over to their Cashier or Deposit page and select Play+ as your banking method. There, you’ll see the option to enrol for a Playplus account which comes with a Prepaid Card. Since it’s a Prepaid card, there won’t be any credit checks or lengthy processes involved. Then, after providing your details to verify your identity, you’ll be able to use the Play+ account.

It’ll take an average of 10-14 days for the physical Playplus Prepaid Card to arrive at your mailing address.

How to make deposits with the Play+ Prepaid Card

To make deposits with the Play+ Prepaid Card, all you have to do is go to the sportsbook’s Cashier or Deposit page and choose Playplus as your banking option.

But first, you need to fund your Play+ account. To do that, you have a long list of options that include:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Paypal
  • Checks

It’s essential to bear in mind that the exact list of funding options will differ depending on which Maryland sportsbook you sign up for your Play+ Prepaid Card with, so check their policies regarding Play+ accounts.

How to make withdrawals with the Play+ Prepaid Card

To withdraw money with your Play+ Prepaid Card, you’ll need to cash out from your Maryland sportsbook to the Playplus account.

Once the money is in the Play+ account, you can spend it anywhere that accepts Discover® cards.

Alternatively, you could also withdraw physical cash from your local ATM that accepts PULSE® and NYCE® cards.

Play+ Prepaid Card pros and cons


Like any banking method, the Play+ Prepaid Card comes with its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. Here’s what you should consider:

Play+ Prepaid Card pros

Alternative banking method

The Play+ Prepaid Card is a highly reliable alternative banking method for use with Maryland sport betting platforms. Even though MD online gambling sites accept credit cards, banks might not always approve transactions for gambling purposes.

So, if your transactions tend to get rejected, switching over to the Playplus Prepaid Card is an excellent way to solve that problem.

Extra discretion

Placing wagers with licensed Maryland sportsbooks is entirely legal, but some people prefer not to have those charges appear on their primary credit or debit card statements. Plus, the banks behind your credit or debit card might not approve transactions involving gambling websites.

That’s why a reliable alternative like the Play+ Prepaid Card offers an additional level of discretion when it comes to your financial transactions. For example, the transactions on your card statements will show the money being paid to Play+ Prepaid Card rather than your chosen Maryland sportsbook.

Wide acceptance

As you’ve seen from the list of Maryland sports betting operators above, the Playplus Prepaid Card is widely accepted among sportsbooks all over the state.

Better yet, the personalized Play+ Prepaid Card that you receive in the mail is also usable at merchants that accept Discover® cards and ATMs that accept PULSE® and NYCE® cards. That means your Playplus Prepaid Card is usable worldwide.

Easy and fast signup

Lastly, signing up for the Play+ Prepaid Card is also incredibly easy. You can sign up directly through the Cashier or Deposit page of your preferred Maryland sportsbook.

Plus, remember that it’s a Prepaid card. Unlike credit cards, there’s no lengthy approval process involving credit checks and approvals. That’s why it takes very little time to sign up and get an active Playplus account.

Play+ Prepaid Card cons

Fees aren’t the same everywhere

Even though the Play+ card is accepted widely, the fees aren’t universal. That means different sportsbooks will have different fees for Playplus transactions.

Besides that, withdrawing cash at ATMs also involves additional fees that differ depending on the service provider.

So, always be sure to check the fine print before making any transactions to know how much you’ll be paying in fees.

Additional step in the banking process

Depending on how you use it, the Play+ card adds an additional step in the banking process, which means you’ll pay more fees overall. If you’re having trouble using other banking methods like credit and debit cards, then using a workaround like the Playplus card is a necessity.

If not, you’ll spend less on transaction fees in the long run by using other methods for deposits and withdrawals.

Summary of Playplus betting MD

Bottom line: the Play+ Prepaid Card offers a solution for several different problems regarding Maryland sports betting banking options. It’s an effective workaround if your other banking options get rejected. Plus, it adds discretion to bettors wanting additional privacy when it comes to their financial transactions.

FAQ’s About Play+ Prepaid Card betting Maryland

How do I sign up for a Play+ Prepaid Card?

You can sign up for a Play+ Prepaid Card through your preferred Maryland sports betting operator. Typically, you’ll find the signup option at the Deposit or Cashier page of the sports betting platform.

When will I receive my physical Play+ Prepaid Card?

You’ll receive the personalized physical Play+ Prepaid Card at your mailing address within 10-14 days after opening and funding the account.

How do I withdraw cash with my play+ Prepaid Card?

You can withdraw cash with your Play+ Prepaid Card at any ATM that accepts PULSE® and NYCE® cards. ATM withdrawal fees will apply.

Can I make purchases with my Play+ Prepaid Card?

You can make purchases with your Play+ Prepaid Card at any merchant that accepts Discover® cards. That means you can make purchases online or in-store the same way you would with your debit or credit card.

How do I track the balance on my Play+ Prepaid Card?

To check the balance on your Playplus Prepaid Card, log into your online Play+ account.