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Parlay Betting Maryland

While there’s no shortage of betting opportunities available across some of the best Maryland sportsbooks operating right now, many folks are jumping headfirst into the world of Parlay betting in MD – and it’s not hard to understand why!

Best sportsbooks with Parlay Betting Maryland 2024

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MD Parlay Bets explained

Tying together multiple wagers into a single “super bet,” betting a Parlay can dramatically increase your potential payout without you having to take on a mountain of risk at the same time.

Combine that with the fun and excitement of a Parlay in betting, and this kind of action quickly becomes a bit of a no-brainer. Of course, you wouldn’t want to jump headfirst into the world of Parlays without really understanding the ins and outs of this kind of wager. That’s why we put together this detailed guide!

Best sportsbooks in Maryland for Parlay odds

A huge determining factor in whether or not you have lots of success (or lots of heartbreak) when betting a Parlay has to do with the sportsbook you choose going forward. Here are some top options you’ll want to consider before you jump right in!

BetMGM Parlay odds

BetMGM Maryland has some of the best picks and Parlays available, giving players an opportunity to create anywhere between two-team and ten team Parlays with no real difficulty whatsoever.

On top of that, though, MGM also offers “One Game Parlay” opportunities. This is a lower risk, high reward wager strategy that allows individuals to combine multiple bets inside of a single game into Parlay action.

PointsBet Parlays

PointsBet Maryland also offers a lot of great Parlays bet opportunities, with standard Parlays, fixed odd Parlays, and correlated Parlays available from this book.

The digital betting slip that this provider has is one of the best and most well-organized in the industry. This will let you keep a close eye on all of your Parlay action without having to hunt for the pics you’ve already made.

DraftKings Parlay wagers

DraftKings Maryland has a relatively simple and straightforward Parlay betting method that doesn’t necessarily allow for the most complex Parlays imaginable. Still, it does make getting into this kind of action simple and straightforward. You’ll be able to combine a couple of different legs together to build a Parlay bet that works for you, though!

FanDuel Parlays

The FanDuel Maryland Parlay system is very similar to what you’ll get from MGM, with this brand having their own version of “one game Parlays” with their Same Game Parlay system.

The cool thing about Parlays action is that you can also tease these bets (turning them into teasers) without a lot of extra effort, too. Stick to professional football and basketball if you’re going to go in this direction, though. College football is a minefield for anybody that wants to do teasers!

Barstool Sportsbook Parlay odds

Barstool Sportsbook Maryland does a great job at offering top-shelf Parlay odds, but this is a book that expressly prohibits any correlated Parlays from being available at all. Just know that going into things, you won’t have to wonder why they is blocking your correlated legs.

Other brands in the state with the Parlay betting option:

Quick rundown of betting a Parlay in MD

At the most basic level, you can think of a Parlay bet as nothing more than multiple individual bets that have all been tied together.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to bet the upcoming Baltimore Ravens game and the Maryland Terrapins college football game – but also are thinking about throwing a little bit of money on the Baltimore Orioles in the playoffs, too.

Instead of betting those individually, you’d instead lump everything into a Parlay – boosting your odds for a huge payout if all of those individual bets came back winners along the way!

The only wrinkle here, of course, is that all of those individual wagers (called legs) do have to hit for you to cash in on your Parlay bet. If even just one of them messes, though, you are out completely!

Parlay payout examples

As we highlighted just a moment ago, Parlay odds increase considerably since you are combining multiple different bets – and usually multiple different kinds of bets – together into a single wager. Because of that, your potential payout jumps up quite a bit at the same time.

Here’s a quick rundown of example Parlay bet payouts you might be able to expect moving forward:

  • Two Team Parlay – 2.6 to 1 Odds – You’d Win $260 on a $100 Bet, Paying Out $360
  • Three Team Parlay – 6 to 1 Odds – You’d Win $600 on a $100 Bet, Paying Out $700
  • Four Team Parlay – 11 to 1 Odds – You’d Win $1100 on a $100 Bet, Paying Out $1200

As you can see, the potential for a pretty significant payout climbs really quickly!

Traditional Parlays vs True Odds Parlays – Maryland

When trying to figure out how to calculate Parlays and their odds, though, you need to double-check to see if you’re dealing with more traditional Parlays or “true odds” Parlays.

The examples that we highlighted above are featuring a “fixed odds” kind of system, but that might not be what your Parlay betting Maryland sportsbooks is offering. Just be sure to double confirm the kinds of odds you are working with, calculating your Parlay betting odds before jumping right in.

You are always going to be taking a little bit more risk with this kind of wager, but there are ways to minimize that risk as much as possible without crippling your potential payouts along the way!

What happens if a bet pushes in MD

In the event of a tie (more commonly referred to as a “push” in the world of sports betting), the Parlay that you have created simply discards that particular wager and lowers the number of bets in a Parlay and (at the same time) reduces the potential payout.

Let’s say that you had a three-team Parlay, but the Ravens (somehow) had a tie with the Steelers. That would result in a push, the push would eliminate that “leg” from your Parlay, and then you would have a two-team Parlay with your previously existing bets still locked right in.

Any money that you wagered on that particular leg of the Parlay would be returned to you as well!

If, however, you are running a two-team Parlay, you would get the same refund and have that same leg dropped from your Parlay, resulting in a “straight-up bet.” The Parlay would be over completely!

Pros and Cons of Parlay Betting

There are a couple of big benefits to placing a Parlay bet compared to more traditional wagers, including:

  • The potential for much bigger payouts and winnings
  • The Parlay betting Maryland sportsbook free play bonuses
  • The ability to roll correlated Parlay bets as well
  • The fun and excitement of watching a Parlay hit

To be fair, though, there are definitely some drawbacks to a Parlay in betting as well:

  • The potential for bigger payouts is offset with higher risk for sure
  • Not every sportsbook offers correlated Parlay betting
  • A lot of Parlay betting on Maryland online gambling sites have fixed odds that still favor the bookie
  • Your odds of suffering through a “dry spell” jump up quite a bit

FAQ’s About Parlay Betting Maryland

How risky are Parlays in MD?

You’ll definitely be taking out a little extra risk with every Parlay bet you play. But, at the same time, the potential for extreme payouts (beyond anything you would have got out of individual wagers) is significant, too.

What’s a Parlay “leg”?

Each component bet that is bundled into a Parlay is referred to as a “leg.” Parlays with two different bets combined would be a “two-leg” Parlay, for example.

How many legs can each Parlay wager have?

The overwhelming majority of Parlay betting Maryland sportsbooks are going to let you have anywhere between two legs and ten legs, with some Maryland sports betting sites letting you crank that all the way up to fifteen legs (or more).

Can I Parlay multiple bets inside the same game?

Some Parlay betting Maryland sportsbooks are definitely going to let you Parlay multiple bets from the exact same game together (MGM and FanDuel in particular make this really, really easy to pull off). Other sportsbooks, however, consider these kinds of wagers to be “correlated Parlay bets” and aren’t going to allow them to go through. Interestingly enough, there are even some sportsbooks that will let you make correlated bets every now and again but block them in other circumstances.
Of course, it makes betting a Parlay that could be correlated a little bit more challenging, but the opportunity for a much bigger payout makes it worth investigating if you have the chance to do so.

Can Prop bets be Parlayed in MD?

Certain Parlay betting Maryland sportsbooks would allow you to Parlay prop bets together. However, you (usually) won’t be able to tease these kinds of bets the way you would have been able to if you were Parlaying the Point Spread or the Totals, for example. Just know that putting down these kinds of picks and Parlays (with prop bets) might prevent you from being able to build a different kind of Parlay altogether.