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Maryland sports betting

Now that Maryland sports betting is up and running, sports fans of all kinds can get involved. But, before starting off, you’ll need a compare the list, in order to find the best MD sports betting sites that fit your taste. So, we’ll introduce you to some of the best and walk you through the process of making your first bet below.

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Compare Maryland sports betting


Getting started with Maryland sports betting online is simple. First, those who love sports can create an account with a reputable Maryland sports betting site that offers great sports betting offers and choose their favorite sports and teams.

Maryland sports betting guide

After placing their wager, bettors can stream live, and place live bets in Maryland, as the match unfolds, even placing bets as the game goes on. Most of the best Maryland sports betting operators on the web have a ton of sports markets to choose from, giving bettors a mix of things that they can bet on and increasing their chances of a successful betting weekend.

Top MD sports betting sites


One thing that bettors can find all over the web is MD sports betting sites. However, with so many out there, it can be a bit difficult to know which ones to choose, which is why we’ve done some of the legwork to find several Maryland sportsbooks.

Below, we’ve gathered 4 of the best on the web for MD sports betting, making it easy for you to choose one, score your deal, and start betting on your favorite teams.

BetMGM online betting

One of the best spots for Maryland sports betting is BetMGM Maryland. They have been in the game for decades and made a name for themselves as reputable and competitive. When you choose BetMGM, you’ll score great welcome offers, access to a ton of sports markets, and even exclusive tournaments.

DraftKings sports betting

DraftKings Maryland is another big name in the sports game, mostly known for their fantasy sports. However, just because fantasy is a big part of their betting site doesn’t mean bettors will lack access to a large number of other sports betting markets.

FanDuel online betting

If you’re looking for a little competition with MD sports betting, then FanDuel Maryland could be your best bet. They have tournaments for members and other competitions happening daily. Find solid deals and offers along with matches you won’t find anywhere else with this platform.

Caesars betting site

Caesars Maryland and its core is a renowned name in betting, taking up space on one of the world’s most famous streets. Their online sports betting site is just as solid as their brick-and-mortar setup, this time with a huge offer that you’ll want to take advantage of. They offer all sports possible and great odds for your best bet yet.

BetRivers sports betting site

BetRivers Maryland is one of the most popular sports betting sites in Maryland. Why? Because of their generous offers and campaigns, along with their great digital platform. Read more under review of this beast of a sports betting site under the link above.

Barstool’s online betting site

Barstool Maryland is a big favorite within the state and in the U.S. One reason may be because of their “power to the people”-aura? Or, it’s just because they’re a great online sports betting platform with great features to offer. Have a look for yourself.

Features with sports betting in Maryland


One of the best things about signing up with sports betting in Maryland is taking advantage of the sports betting offers. While the welcome offer might be the most popular, there are still other kinds of sports bets that bettors should keep a lookout for. We’ll introduce you to some of the most popular Maryland sports betting campaigns below for both new and seasoned bettors.

Sports betting in Maryland welcome offers

Welcome offers are among the most common type of campaigns that bettors can find. Operators for sports betting in Maryland use welcome offers as a way to attract new bettors, making them pretty sweet and, in most cases, totally worth it.

Risk-free deals for sports betting in Maryland

When operators offer a risk-free bet, all bettors have to do is deposit their cash and make a qualifying bet. Even if they come out on the losing side, they’ll still walk away with all they came with, able to take as much of a risk as they want.

To use this welcome offer, bettors can deposit any amount up to $1,000 and bet as much as they want on a match without the risk of losing all that they came with.

In addition, if bettors are successful when they place a bet using their risk-free bets, they will be able to collect some of the award, which is specified in the terms and conditions for sports betting in Maryland.

Deposit match offer for sports betting in Maryland

Another common welcome offer includes deposit matches, where the sports betting in Maryland operator add funds into the bettor’s account. Some deposit match offer match 50% and others match 100% of the initial deposit, both of which can add significant offer cash to any account.

That means that bettors can add $1,000 to their account and the operator running the offer will add an extra $1,000 in cash. They can bet with $2,000, making sure that they choose qualifying bets and fulfill wager requirements. Read more about the different banking options in the state here.

Sports betting in Maryland free bet

One welcome deal that isn’t so typical of providers is the free bet offers, one that doesn’t amount to as much as the others. These are typically under $50 and give bettors a chance to learn the ropes before they start to bet.

A free bet deal is a great way to get acquainted with the sports betting in Maryland site and have a trial run before you make a deposit and start depositing your cash. Because it’s a promotional offer, bettors won’t lose anything if their wager doesn’t work out as planned and can also walk away with their winnings, though not 100% of them.

Other offers

Welcome offers might be the most popular sports betting in Maryland campaigns, though there are others out there. These are given away on the main website or found on the web. Many of these are made for loyal bettors, some of which include:

Boosted odds at Maryland sports betting sites

Odds are one of the indicators of how much each bet will cost and how much each bettor will earn if they place a successful bet. With boosted odds for sports betting in Maryland, bettors can earn more while still keeping their wager the same, something that can make all the difference if they choose the winning team.

No deposit offer

Sometimes betting operators provide no deposit offers to bettors to add some incentive for them to log in and make a bet. While they are not usually the highest amounts, bettors can use them as a way to enjoy a free bet.

Just like free bet deals, a no deposit offer doesn’t come with a high amount, typically falling under $50. Just like free bets, when bettors make successful wagers, they don’t get 100% of the winnings.

Loyalty points at MD sports betting websites

When bettors that enjoy sports betting in Maryland are constantly coming back for more, they can sign up for VIP and collect loyalty points. These points are collected with each bet and typically equate to a certain amount of points per dollar or per bet.

Over time, bettors can collect these and use them for free sports bets or other prizes like vacations, cars, and even cash. Get to know the different campaigns that come with some of the Maryland betting events.

Maryland teams for online betting


After Governor Larry Hogan signed off HB 940 legalizing sports betting, many household local teams are available for the Maryland market. You can bet on different teams on your favorite sports markets in these MD sports betting sites. However, it will be best to learn about your home teams. Here are Maryland teams for online sports betting. 

Bet on Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens, a professional American football team, has managed to keep Maryland on the map due to its performance. Established in 1996 by Art Modell, the club did their inaugural season game the same year, defeating Oakland Raiders, 19-14. Ever since then, the team has been making major accomplishments. 

Currently, Steve Bisciotti owns the majority share of Baltimore Ravens. Together with his partners, they have provided the players with the best equipment to improve their skills. Besides, the club competes in the National Football League (NFL), which proves they have earned a spot in the industry. 

Baltimore Ravens sports betting

Baltimore Raves has partnered with several MD sports betting operators. They include

  • DraftKings
  • BetMGM
  • Caesars

These collaborations benefit both parties as the team receives financing and the platforms give their clients unique experiences. 

Furthermore, the team usually performs proficiently every time. The team’s strength is a dominant defense. Also, the club has players who are excellent in speed and pass completion. Thus, the chances of getting profits after betting on the Baltimore Ravens are high.

Bet on Washington Commanders

Based in the Washington metropolitan area, Washington Commanders is an American professional football team renowned in the industry. Founded in 1932 as Boston Braves, the club rebranded to the Boston Redskins in 1933. 

In 1937, the club changed its name to Washington Redskins after moving to Washington D.C. The team played as the Washington Football team for two seasons in 2020 before rebranding to the Commanders in 2022.

Over the years, the club has won championship games and some of the Pro Bowls. Therefore, it’s a team to bet on in your chosen Baltimore sports betting site. Some of the qualities that help the team perform expertly are a dominant defensive line, a solid corner unit, and fast players.

Commanders sports betting

Washington commanders has partnered with Fanduel. Some of its corporate sponsors are GrubHub, Acronis, and Swish Beverages.

Bet on Baltimore Orioles

Baseball is another interesting sports market to wager on in Maryland sports betting sites. The home team to keep an eye on is the Baltimore Orioles. The team has experienced a lot of achievements in its competitions, including Major League Baseball (MLB). 

The team members are performing well in terms of arm strength and range, making their defense strong. Besides, the Orioles have great chemistry, which helps them play competently. Therefore, it is a great team to bet on.

History of the Orioles

Baltimore Orioles has a rich history in the sports industry. The club was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1894. In 1902, it moved to St. Louis, Missouri under the name St. Louis Browns. After 52 years in St. Louis, the club was purchased by a group of Baltimore syndicates led by civic activist and attorney Clarence Miles and Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. Today, the team’s majority owner is lawyer Peter Angelos. 

Orioles sports betting

Baltimore Orioles has not yet partnered with a betting site operator. However, it has signed deals with major corporates like Agway Energy Services, LLC, U.S. Naval Academy, PepsiCo, and Loot Crate.

Laws and regulations of online sports betting Maryland


After reading about the offers, you’re probably stoked to start with online sports betting in Maryland. Before you take off, there are a few things to be aware of, including some of the laws and regulations for sports betting. When betting in Maryland, these laws include:

  • – All bettors must be at least 21 or older to use new sportsbooks for sports betting
  • – All bets placed must be done within the state of MD
  • – Only a licensed and registered online sports betting Maryland operator is considered legal for betting on sports
  • – All earnings from betting operators are subject to taxes (10% in most cases)

Online sports betting Maryland licenses

There are many other specifics but, it depends on what you’re betting on and what type of payment methods you’re using. The key is, if you’re using an online sports betting Maryland site, make sure it’s legal before signing up so that you won’t get penalized or fined for using it.

Maryland sports betting sign ups


Once you’re ready to get started with Maryland sports betting, you can get the process started in just a few simple steps. Below, we’ll share them with you, helping you get your betting game up and running with Maryland sports betting.

Step 1: Choose a Maryland sports betting site

To start, you’ll need to choose one of the Maryland sports betting sites listed above. You can choose one, choose a few, or choose them all, taking advantage of the Maryland sports betting bonuses and sports markets. Be sure to consider the deals offered, the available sports markets, and their legitimacy before placing a wager with any operator.

Step 2: Create an Maryland sports betting account

Once you have a Maryland sports betting operator in mind, you’ll need to create an account. To do so, simply add all of the requested info and add a username and password of your choice. Part of the process requires you to verify your identity, which could take up to 24 hours. In the meantime, you can download the MD sports betting app and be ready once your account is up and ready to go.

Step 3: Score your Maryland sports wager offerings

Now that you’re in, you’ll have access to your Maryland sports wagering offers. Make sure to score yours and add it to your account so that you have a better and more profitable betting experience from the start.

Step 4: Add funds to the sports wagering account

Once you know the MD sports wagering deals offered by the provider of your choice, you’ll need to add funds in order to score it. Be sure to take full advantage of your offer, adding the required amount so that you can get the maximum benefit for Maryland online gambling.

Step 5: Do your homework

While you might have an idea of the sports match you want to place your first wager on, it’s worth it to do your homework first. Check out what the odds are saying and then turn to analysts and pros to verify. When betting on sports online, the more info you know the better, able to make more mindful bets.

Step 6: Place your first bet at MD online sports betting sites

With all that in mind, you’re ready to make your first bet! Make sure that you’re choosing an eligible bet with your sports betting features and that you wager a good amount that will give you a solid return. If you come out successful, you can turn around and bet again, completing the beginning of your MD online sports betting journey.

Sports betting MD FAQs

Yes, it is. After a long battle to make betting on sports online legal in Maryland, it finally is. Now, as long as betting sites are licensed and regulated, bettors in MD can create an account and bet on any sports market they choose.

In Maryland, all bettors must be at least 21 to join and bet in an online sports betting site. There is a verification process that checks for age and identity, where bettors will have to prove their identity and show proof of address.

Where can I find the best odds for online sports betting MD?

A good place to start to find the most competitive odds online is our top 4 betting operators. Among them, they are also competitors, which means that you can find solid odds and shop around before choosing the sports bet you want to place your wager on.

Which MD sports betting market is the best?

In most of the United States, football, basketball, and baseball are the top three most popular sports markets. Maryland is home to several pro teams, which makes the perfect sports bet. Even though there are great home teams, bettors are encouraged to go with the odds and not with the team they favor.

Do I have to be in Maryland to place a wager?

Yes. They have a geolocator, which will only allow those within the state to gamble. It’s part of the regulations between states, as you may be entering a state that doesn’t allow you to gamble online. So if you want to place a wager on a betting site in MD, you have to be in the state. Read our spanish guide on sports betting in Maryland here.