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Maryland Mobile Gambling

Here with us, you’ll be able to find all the licensed Maryland mobile gambling offerings so that you can easily compare them all Filter on the biggest bonuses, payment methods, or the ones with the lowest deposit requirements. All this so that you can easily find the best Maryland gambling apps.

Gambling Apps in Maryland

At the moment, there aren’t any gambling apps available to Marylanders. Although this, the state’s residents have plenty of land-based alternatives for gambling.

But, by the fall of 2021, many online sports betting apps in Maryland are expected to launch. This makes it possible to gamble online for citizens of the state, and the door to online gambling will open.

Whether the state intends to legalize casino games for the online market remains to be seen. And at the moment, the legalization only applies to retail and online sports betting.

Why gamble on mobile in Maryland

The issue of online gambling has long been up for debate in Maryland, and statesmen often wonder why so many people want the ability to gamble online in Maryland.

This question is easily answered because the benefits are many. For example, the state residents will be able to save a lot of time on gambling through apps, as they are no longer dependent on specific locations to be able to do so.

There are plenty of land-based casinos in MD that will soon be able to enter partnerships with around 30 retail sportsbooks and online operators. But it does not yet seem to be any plans for mobile gambling in Maryland, and we think this is sad.

Mobile gambling apps in Maryland will benefit not only the citizens of the state but also the state economy. With more significant tax revenues, the state can invest money into things that benefit the communities, things that previously haven’t been possible.

We can only hope that mobile gambling is not far behind after mobile sports betting is launched in the state.

Best Maryland Gambling Apps


Because there are no casino game apps in Maryland yet, we find it difficult to list the best Maryland online gambling apps. However, several sports betting apps will be launched in the state this autumn, which will enable online gambling in some form.

For many, online gambling includes casino games such as slots and poker. The fact is that sports betting is also included in this category. Therefore, below you will see a list of the expected best Maryland sports gambling apps, all of which are geared towards sports wagering.

BetMGM Gambling App MD

In the first sport on the list, we’ll find the BetMGM Sportsbook app, which today is available for betting in several states in the country. If very lucky, we can expect to see this gambling app in Maryland by the fall of 2021. You will find lots of games here, both betting and casino games.

The BetMGM Gambling app has long offered great odds on lots of sports. In addition, their casino section is thriving in a number of states, such as. Michigan. If BetMGM is licensed in Maryland, they will only offer sports betting. The casino part will remain prohibited in the state.

The BetMGM gambling app in Maryland may launch later in 2021, but only for sports betting. If licensed, the app will be available for download on iOS and Android devices.

DraftKings Sports Gambling App

In the second place, we find a sportsbook known to the state, the DraftKings Gambling app.

Through this gambling app, we can if lucky, be able to gamble on lots of sports by the autumn of 2021. They currently have the most extensive range of sports on the market and many events to place wagers on.

The best thing about Draftkings is that they also have an online casino integrated into the app. In the event of the legalization of online gambling in Maryland, online casino games such as slots and poker, this app may be optimal. Players can then easily switch between sports betting and casino games and thereby get a lot out of one gambling app.

The DraftKings Gambling app in Maryland may launch during the fall of 2021, but only for sports betting. The app will then be available for download on both iOS and Android.

Barstool Sportsbook Gambling App

Next in line, we find somewhat of a newcomer that today is only found in three states, the Barstool Gambling App.

We find both a betting section and a casino section on this gambling app. We mentioned this earlier as a significant advantage. As we hope for the complete legalization of online gambling apps in Maryland.

We find lots of sports, slots, and poker games at the Barstool app. This puts us in a happy mood. Furthermore, we expect substantial welcome bonuses for both sports betting and online casinos, with many recurring offers and promotions.

Barstool Sportsbook MD app in may launch in MD during the fall of 2021, but then only for sports betting. The app will be available for download on both iOS and Android.

Wynne Gambling App MD

In fourth place, we find an app that has a large, well-known land-based casino behind it, the WynnBet Gambling app.

The app is available for play in 6 states, with everything from sports betting to casino games. This app is optimal for licensing in Maryland, as we, like many others, hope for the complete legalization of online gambling.

Should this happen, players in Maryland can easily switch between the sports betting section and the casino section of the app. The best of both worlds!

But at the moment, we will probably only get to take part in their sports betting, but this is nothing to hang your lip over. They offer superb welcome bonuses, specials, and odds boosters that will give our bets an advantage.

The Wynne Gambling app in Maryland may launch during the winter of 2021, and this app will also only offer sports betting.

PointsBet MD Gambling mobile app

In the fifth place of our list of the predicted best Maryland gambling apps, we find the Pointsbet Gambling app.

This app was founded in Australia as late as 2019 but has since been successful in the gaming market in both the US and down under. They had a massive expansion plan, and in just one year, they were granted licenses in over 5 states.

At Pointsbet, it is today only possible to gamble online on sports betting. They do not yet offer a casino part of the app, but who knows, better late than never. Nevertheless, they are a big favorite, with their bonuses, VIP programs and the vast range of sports.

The Pointsbet Gambling app in Maryland is expected to apply for a license through the state. The date has not been set for this, but we would guess, sometime in early 2022. Gambling on their app will only entail sports betting in Maryland. And you’ll be able to download it, both on Android and iOS devices.

Golden Nugget Gambling App

Next in line, we find an app with a world-famous casino behind it, the Golden Nugget Gambling app.

Golden Nugget Casino has been delivering world-class casino games from their flagship in Las Vegas since 1946. Nowadays, they have targeted the online market, offering gambling on sports betting and casinos. This is what we have been waiting for, and dreamt of!

It is possible to switch between the sports betting and the casino part on this app. Meaning the app is optimal for Maryland if they choose to legalize all gambling forms. Besides this, they have a great offering of bonuses and odds for the sports betting part, which we will probably soon be able to take advantage of.

The Golden Nugget Gambling app in Maryland is everything we dream of. There are yet no plans for a launch in the state, but we believe we will probably see them open up later in 2021.

Note: The app will probably be available to download for iOS and Android devices.

Maryland Betting Apps


This fall, around 60 Maryland betting apps will be able to offer games to residents of the state. This vast number is unique, and we have not yet seen any state with this massive investment into online sports betting apps.

It is, therefore, more than high time to prepare you for this launch, and this section of the guide is customized for this. Below you’ll be able to learn more about Maryland betting apps and how to register for them.

Register on a Maryland Mobile Gambling App

Yes, but in addition to knowing how to register on a Maryland mobile gambling app, it can also be good to know what payment methods will be available.

We will also discuss how to download the apps, where to find them, and show you step by step how to then register on them. It may feel massive, but we promise it’s easy and painless.

To begin with, you need to find a Maryland gambling app that you want to play on. You can do this by comparing all licensed apps in our list above. You can also filter on specific criteria so that you’ll find the best Maryland gambling app for you.

Once you have found one, you can click on them. Either by the “Go to Sportbook” button or by clicking on their logo image. A new tab will be opened for this so that you can quickly come back here and follow the step-by-step below on how to register.

The registration step-by-step

  1. Once inside your sportsbook’s website, you click on the button that initiates the download of their app.
  2. You will get two choices: iOS and one for Android. Select the one that is your mobile’s operating system, and make sure that your mobile has the system update required for download.
  3. You will now be sent to a new download page. Accept the download using the Face ID, fingerprint, or password associated with your Google Play Store or Appstore.
  4. Then open the app on your phone, and click “Sign up.”
  5. You will now need to fill in a short registration form and create a user for continued login on the sports betting app.
  6. Fill in all requested fields. It is more often than not required that you give up: name, date of birth, social security number, telephone number, address, and email address.
    With this, they can see that you meet the age requirements for online gambling in Maryland. As well as confirm your location.
  7. Also, select a username and password if requested. Enter the bonus code we have given you in the comparison list for the sportsbook on this page.
    With the bonus codes, you get access to exclusive bonuses on selected Maryland gambling apps. These can give you an excellent start to your gaming.
  8. Then accept the terms and conditions for betting on the sportsbook.
  9. You have now signed up for your first mobile gambling app in Maryland. Now make your first deposit and then get started and gamble from your mobile!

Payment Methods at MD Mobile Gambling

To make your first deposit on your chosen gambling app in Maryland, you may want to have a little more knowledge about the payment methods available.

Most payment methods at MD mobile gambling will be pretty much the same. You will find everything from e-wallets the traditional bank transfers, to credit cards and prepaid cards.

It is always advisable to use the same payment method all the way. And therefore, before making a deposit, you should always think about which method you want to use for a withdrawal. This is because most withdrawal methods require you to use the same deposit method.

The following list of the payment methods at MD mobile gambling apps is a comprehensive list of the most common ways. It is not a list that will apply to them all. And for more specific information about a gambling app, we refer to their individual reviews where these are mentioned. See the pages and payments with fast payouts in Maryland below:

Mobile Gambling in Maryland


With about 60 apps for mobile gambling in Maryland, one may wonder how the offer will differ regarding the two most used operating systems, e.g., iOS and Android.

In fact, it probably will not. As they more or less share the market 50 50, we can not see that MD mobile gambling for Android will differ from iOS. This is obviously positive news. You can read more about why and other helpful information about mobile gambling in Maryland below.

MD Mobile Gambling for Android

There is basically no difference between mobile gambling for Android and iOS. Demand for Android apps has increased, and gaming companies responded with delivery.

However, what is to be noted when it comes to MD mobile gambling for Android, is that these apps can not be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. This part is blocked by google, and players will need to download the apps through the sports betting sites.

For many, MD mobile gambling for Android may still be blocked from downloading, but this can change. You only need to click on settings -> more -> security -> allow from “unknown resources” to install the APK file.

You can then download files from a third party. This may feel a little more cumbersome, but it is the only way to download the app for MD mobile betting for Android users.

MD Mobile Gambling for iOS

As we mentioned earlier, there is no difference in the range of apps between the OSs. In fact, it is much easier to download MD mobile gambling apps for iOS than for Android. Players with iPhones do not need to approve a download from a third party, and many sportsbooks can be found in the Appstore.

Below we list some of the upcoming apps with MD mobile gambling for iOS, which may open up for sports betting by the fall of 2021. This list is no sure thing, only a predicted one:

  • BetMGM App
  • DraftKings App
  • Barstool App
  • PointsBet App
  • Golden Nugget App
  • WynnBet App
  • Bet Rivers App
  • FanDuel App
  • SugarHouse App
  • 888 Sports App
  • Unibet App

System requirements

We would like to point out that some mobile gaming apps in Maryland will have certain system requirements for downloads. The following versions allow most apps to be downloaded:

  • Android Users: Version 5.1 or later.
  • iOS Users: Version 8.1 or later.

FAQ’ About Maryland Mobile Gambling

Is Mobile Gambling Legal In Maryland?

Partially. Online sports betting, which is one variant of mobile gambling, has now been legalized in Maryland. It will soon be possible to place bets online throughout the state. However, casino games such as slots and poker are not legal for mobile gambling in Maryland. They are also not expected to legalize shortly.

Can I play slots from my mobile in Maryland?

No, you can not play slots from your mobile in Maryland. This type of mobile gambling has not yet been legalized.

Can I place bets online through apps in Maryland?

By the fall of 2021, as a resident of the state, you will be able to bet online through apps in Maryland. A total of 60 sportsbooks will be licensed for the online market, meaning the range of apps will be significant!

Is mobile sports betting legal in Maryland?

Yes, mobile sports betting was legalized in the spring of 2021 in Maryland. The first mobile sports betting apps are expected to launch during the autumn of 2021.

Can I play poker on offshore gambling apps in Maryland?

It is not recommended that players from MD visit offshore gambling apps to play poker online. These apps are not licensed and thus illegal. Players do not have the same protection when playing through them.

Can I bet on the William Hill App in Maryland?

By the fall of 2021, it may be possible for players in the state to bet on the William Hill app in Maryland. The sportsbook will need to apply for and be granted a license by the state for this to be possible.

Is wagering on DraftKing’s mobile app in Maryland possible?

We do not yet know which betting apps will be licensed in MD. However, it is highly likely that if they apply for one, Draftking’s mobile app in Maryland will launch in the fall of 2021. And thus being able to accept wagers from Maryland residents.