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Maryland new betting sites

Are you a Maryland resident itching to start placing online wagers on your favorite sports teams? If so, you’re now in luck with the advent of online legal sports betting across the state. The new betting sites Maryland residents can use bring a world of opportunity with impressive user interfaces, exciting features, and more.

Guide to new sportsbooks in MD

Want to know which new sportsbooks are the best? Well, we’ve done our research on the top four best betting sites in Maryland and outlined their benefits below. Take a look at our information regarding PointsBet, BetMGM, DraftKings Sportsbook, and FanDuel Sportsbook. We’ll discuss the importance of these new betting sites, what makes them worthwhile, and answer your questions about online sports betting.

New betting sites in Maryland


New betting sites make for highly competitive online sports betting options. In terms of what makes them so unique and new, their improved technology and sign-up bonuses and rewards are mainly what comes to mind.

However, they are also impressive when it comes to their regular promotions (with the potential of free bets) and opportunities for bettors to win in higher-stakes bets.

Further, these sites are relatively new, considering that they are literally new to join in certain states. Still not legally available in certain US states, these sites are very recently legal in the state of Maryland.

The market for online sports betting is expanding across the country, though, so being able to join these sites is an enticing option to sports fans and bettors alike.

Significance of Maryland new betting sites

Today, we’re outlining MD gambling sites that are new to Marylanders, specifically since the state has made some big changes. But, for now, Maryland has joined the ranks of other east-coast states that allow online legal sports betting with some of the biggest sites in the country.

With the passage of Maryland legislation and an online sports betting referendum, Maryland bettors can now take part in the best sports betting sites, reap the sign-up bonuses, take advantage of sports betting promotions, and more.

Hosting many famous sports teams like the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles, Maryland is no stranger to competitive sports. Now, fans can catch up to neighboring states with the ability to place wagers on, as well as cheer on, their favorite sports teams and players.

Best new sportsbooks in MD


Of all the new betting sites Maryland residents can use, we’ve outlined the top four today. Take a look at the most highlighted features of PointsBet, BetMGM, DraftKings Sportsbook, and FanDuel Sportsbook, each of which offers sign-up bonuses and promotions. We’ve done our research to find out what makes each of them worth choosing.

DraftKings New sportsbook in MD

First, on our list of new betting sites Maryland offers is DraftKings Sportsbook MD. DraftKings is a big name among online sportsbooks and perhaps what makes this site so popular is its sign-up offer.

Beyond the fact that you get 24/7 customer support and a host of sports to bet on, DraftKings offers exciting rewards and more. Learn more about its best site features, rewards, and more.

DraftKings Sportsbook is mainly exciting in that bettors have a huge list of sports to bet on, from rugby and basketball to hockey, tennis, baseball, and so many more. You can also place wagers on professional sports events in the NBA, U.S. Open, NHL, Euro 2020, and more. Additionally, take advantage of the site’s

New Bonuses, rewards, and promotions

The biggest bonus of DraftKings is the sign-up bonus that advertises up to $1,000 in site credits when you make a minimum $5 initial deposit. However, there are even more rewards to avail once the sign-up period ends, such as:

  • Free-to-play pools
  • New cash prizes to try your hand at every day
  • Free odds boost
  • Free bets
  • The opportunity to join with exclusive DraftKings VIP membership (invitation-only)
  • Extensive features for Super Bowl Odds in Arizona

On top of all of this, DraftKings also offers a convenient and free mobile app for Android and iPhone users so that you can make bets quickly and on the go. Further, note that you can avail many convenient deposit methods and easy withdrawal methods.

PointsBet New Betting Site Maryland

Second, on our list of new Maryland betting sites is PointsBet. PointsBet is a little bit different from the other sites on this list mainly because its sign-up bonus is different from the other sites’ bonuses. Offering Live Chat as a form of customer support and a free mobile app for both Android and iPhone users, PointsBet stands out among new betting sites.

New Rewards, promotions, and bonuses

  • For this site’s sign-up bonus, you get to play Pick6 for free (you choose 6 college and professional football options to bet on)
  • Regular rewards to earn every time you make a bet (you can redeem these for Free Bets in the future)
  • Refer-a-friend promotion (refer a friend, and when you both sign-up as new customers, you both get a $100 Free Bet to use)

BetMGM Maryland New Online Bets

BetMGM Sportsbook is another exciting option among new betting sites Maryland hosts. BetMGM has a very exciting user interface with a lot going on at once. On top of the fact that there is a huge variety of sports to bet on (more than 20 sports in total), you also have the opportunity to bet on lots of professional sports (MLB, NHL, U.S. Open, NBA, and more).

New Bonuses and rewards

While there aren’t a ton of rewards with BetMGM, the best bonus has to be the sign-up bonus. With this bonus, players get one risk-free bet valued at up to $600. This offer works through the end of 2021. Additionally, you can take advantage of promotions on a regular basis.

At the end of the day, you can take advantage of nearly all of these benefits on the mobile app as well (available for both Android and iPhone users).

FanDuel New Sportsbook in MD

Finally, the last sportsbook on our list of new betting sites Maryland offers is FanDuel Maryland Sportsbook. On top of great benefits like the FanDuel rewards points system and the Android and iPhone mobile betting app, FanDuel has a lot of advantages for users.

Take a look at the site’s features below, which include 19 different sports to make bets on (including MMA, college football, college basketball, professional sports leagues, soccer, hockey, boxing, motor racing, and more).

New Rewards and promotions

The main bonus of FanDuel is the sign-up bonus offering one risk-free bet that could be worth up to $1,000 after you make a small initial deposit. Take a look at some of the other promotions and rewards below.

  • Build up an accumulation of FanDuel rewards points for entering paid contests
  • Refer-a-Friend offers
  • Odds Boosts
  • Risk-Free Same Game Parlay
  • Parlay Insurance

Reasons to choose new sportsbooks in Maryland


There are several factors that make new betting sites worth your time, including improvements to the user experience (extensive withdrawal and deposit methods, easily navigable site interface) as well as rewards and promotions. Take a look at the top reasons to choose new sites.

New Mobile betting opportunities

Mobile betting poses an exciting new opportunity for bettors. We all know the advantage of our smartphones, and when it comes to online sports betting, being able to check lines and make wagers on your phone is an enticing option.

Mobile gambling in Maryland benefits players, whether you need to quickly deposit funds and don’t have a computer nearby or you want to make a wager on an event that has already started. Most new online sportsbooks offer Android and iPhone compatible mobile apps, free of charge.

New Rewards and bonuses

This is the aspect of new betting sites that everyone pays attention to when browsing. We all want to reap the rewards of trying something new, and new betting sites offer that by way of sign-up bonuses that promise Free Bets, site credits, and more.

Make sure you also choose a site that will give you the chance to earn rewards after the sign-up period ends. Sites like FanDuel, for example, let users win regular rewards to redeem for future bets.

New Betting Sites Promotions

New betting sites are popular in part because they offer regular promotions to customers even after the sign-up bonus has come to an end.

When choosing a new betting site, check and see what types of promotions they offer to bettors on a regular basis. For example, most sites have promotions for specific sports seasons and special offers like refer-a-friend or game insurance in the case that you lose a bet.

New Better odds

The best sports betting sites offer competitive odds to users. This means you have the chance to place wagers on bets with the potential of winning big.

Further, they give the opportunity to make bets where you have a higher chance of winning, and they take less of your profits. So, look out for sites with these advantages.

New Sportsbooks Features and variety

Great new betting sites offer both a variety of sports (including professional leagues and college sports) to bet on, as well as features that optimize your user experience.

You’ll quickly notice whether a site is optimal or not by taking a look at its homepage. Does it offer easy navigation through its features? Can you quickly find the bet slip and live event stats on the homepage? These are things you should look for when choosing a new site to bet with.

Further, consider whether the site lets you place wagers on live events that have already begun and/or view media coverage of live events on the site.

Customer experience

You shouldn’t overlook the customer experience. However, sometimes it’s easy to forget that customer support and help services matter, too.

Make sure to choose a site that has 24/7 customer support features. You will also want a site that puts you first by offering you many convenient and low-fee methods to make funds deposits and withdrawals with.

Some sites offer lots of payment methods, including e-wallets like PayPal, while others mainly accept credit and debit funds.

FAQ’s About Maryland new Sportsbooks

How do I join new betting sites in MD?

Most betting sites present viewers with a sign-up button as soon as they navigate to the sportsbook homepage. When you see a “sign-up now” or “join today” button, you will quickly navigate to a personal information form to create an account.

How old do I have to be to join New online sportsbooks in MD?

The age to legally join online sportsbooks varies from state to state but is typically 18 or 21 years old. For example, in Maryland, you have to be a minimum of 21 years old to join a new licensed betting site.

What will personal information new betting sites ask of me?

Most betting sites ask for the following when you sign-up: Full name, email address, phone number, proof of identification (for fraud-prevention purposes), physical address, date of birth (to prove you are of legal age).

How soon after a withdrawal will I get my payout?

This answer varies depending on your withdrawal method since different money transfer methods are quicker than others. In general, though, debit and credit withdrawals (as well as e-wallet methods) will typically run faster than methods like wire transfer, checks, and cash transfers.

Can I make new bets with a mobile device?

Yes, you can make bets with mobile devices, as long as they are compatible with the mobile app for the site you are using. Most betting sites offer mobile apps that allow you to do nearly all of the same things you can do on the desktop site.