NFL Draft betting Maryland

When April 2022 comes around, be ready for some great NFL Draft betting in Maryland. Learning to bet on the NFL draft is a world apart from betting on traditional NFL game action (playoffs included).

Maryland guide to betting on the NFL Draft 2022

For starters, you are very rarely betting on one team against another when it comes to draft day. Instead, you’re going to be putting NFL Draft bet picks on specific players you think will get drafted at specific points in time or putting money down on a whole host of different NFL Draft prop bets that Maryland sportsbooks offer.

To help make things a little bit easier when draft day rolls around, we’ve put together these tips and strategies.

Keep this guide close when making the NFL Draft best bets you feel strongly about, and the odds are good. You’ll have a bigger bank account by the end of the day!

NFL Draft 2022 betting options in Maryland

Pick number propositions

Probably the most popular of all the different NFL Draft betting lines you’re going to find from different sportsbooks, pick number props are pretty straightforward to get the hang of.

All you have to do is pick a player that you think will be drafted at a specific spot (Andrew Luck going first overall a handful of years ago would have been easy money) with these kinds of wagers.

Most of these wagers are set up like Moneyline wagers with a couple of different player options competing for each specific spot in the Draft. Some books only run these kinds of props during the first round, but others will make every single pick in the Draft (rounds one through seven) available.

Pick position Over/Unders

Position Totals (over/unders) are popular with newbies to the NFL Draft betting Maryland community as well as veterans that have bet on a couple of drafts already, and for a good reason.

NFL oddsmakers layout where they think a specific player will get drafted (let’s say seventh overall). They set the line at 7.5, and NFL Draft bet players can pick either the over (anything after seven) or the under (anything before seven).

It doesn’t get a whole lot easier than that!

The cool thing about these kinds of NFL Draft bets is that the totals shift and change with each new pick that comes in from NFL teams. So it’s not uncommon for top talent players to slide a little deeper into the Draft, just like it’s not all that uncommon for players to get picked that are considered to be a “reach” at that specific spot.

That’s a big part of the fun of NFL Draft totals!

Head-to-head player Moneylines

We highlighted a moment ago that head-to-head player moneyline picks are pretty popular these days, and here’s how they shake out.

Let’s say that NFL Draft betting Maryland sportsbooks feel like two different players could go fourth overall. They might put a quarterback at -100 and an offensive tackle at +195, for example.

This gives NFL Draft bet placers a chance to pick whether or not they want to go with the favorite (the quarterback) or the underdog (tackle) for who’s going to go fourth overall.

It’s a bit of a coin toss (though you can look at the positions of need for each team to try and guess what they will be looking for in the Draft), but that’s what makes these so exciting!

General Props and Parlays

Of course, you’ll also have a whole bunch of NFL Draft prop bets to pick and choose from as well.

We are talking about props like:

  • The total amount of defensive backs that go in the first 20 picks
  • Total amount of quarterbacks that go in the top 10
  • Total number of players from Alabama that get drafted in the first round
  • The specific pick that the first wide receiver or running back gets drafted
  • The number of players from the SEC that get drafted during the first round

There is always NFL Draft prop action to be had, especially when you are putting your wagers in on the best NFL Draft Betting Maryland platforms around!

Tips for making the best NFL Draft bets possible

Mock Drafts matter

Mock drafts (from legitimate draft experts, particularly those with a reputation for getting most of their picks right) can be hugely influential when it comes time to analyze different NFL Draft betting odds and betting lines.

Make sure that you’re checking out as many mock drafts as possible in the lead-up to draft day.

Soak up the rumors

The last 20 days before draft day are when the rumor mill really starts to kick into high gear, and you want to be sure that you are soaking up as much of that inside info as possible.

Read into team needs

Have a look at team rosters to try and figure out the positions of need that they are going to want to address during the Draft.

If a team has a franchise quarterback in place already (like the Baltimore Ravens have with Lamar Jackson), the odds are pretty good that they’re not going to be hunting for another quarterback in round one.

NFL Combine and Pro Day intel matters

Player stock rises and falls depending on how well they do at the NFL Combine and Pro Day all the time. So pay attention to the news coming out of these two events to make sure that the bets you’re putting in are as informed as possible.

Watch the Draft unfold!

Like we’ve set a couple of times already, the NFL Draft is incredibly unpredictable. The action is fast-paced, all over the place, and nobody – including the front office of these NFL teams – knows what’s going to happen from one pick to the next.

Watch the Draft unfold (especially if you have a bunch of NFL Draft prop bets in play) to kind of ride the momentum, adjust your picks and follow how NFL Draft betting lines move depending on how things play out.

Best Maryland sportsbook for NFL Draft day

Finding the best NFL Draft betting Maryland platform is hugely important, especially for those that want to get into prop bets, parlays, and live betting action during draft day.

Sportsbooks worth signing up with will always be reputable, not just with their player base but through the industry at large. Look at licensing bodies, look at testimonials and reviews, and see how different Maryland online gambling sites stack up against the competition.

Banking should be 100% safe and secure before you put any NFL Draft bet down. Make sure that you’ll be able to bank on your own terms (getting money into and out of your account the way that you want to) before you sign up, too.

Finally, make sure that the sportsbook you’re thinking about has the kinds of NFL Draft betting lines and NFL Draft betting odds you are after. You shouldn’t ever have to feel like your sportsbook is shoehorning you into wagers you don’t want to make in the first place.

Best betting sites in Maryland for NFL Draft odds

BetMGM Maryland NFL Draft betting

A trusted name in the sports betting world, MGM has some of the best live streaming and live event betting options available. The mobile app is rock solid and fast, and the odds are amongst the best in the business.

PointsBet MD NFL Draft betting lines

It’s tough to imagine finding another sportsbook that offers as many NFL Draft betting lines and wager opportunities as PointsBet does. Combine that with big payouts, great bonuses, and a super easy-to-use interface, and this sportsbook is a no-brainer.

DraftKings Maryland NFL Draft odds

DraftKings Maryland has what some consider to be the best mobile sportsbook experience from top to bottom, not just in Maryland (or even in the United States) but around the world. They also offer solid odds, generous promos and bonuses, and lightning-fast banking choices.

FanDuel Maryland NFL Draft

FanDuel has plenty of prop bets to pick and choose from, a great live betting and live streaming environment (especially on mobile) as well as one of the best reputations in the sports betting industry. What separates them apart from the rest of the pack, though, is the incredibly low betting minimums they offer – perfect for new players.

Barstool Sportsbook MD NFL Draft

The Barstool Sportsbook is home to all of your favorite Barstool personalities (including Portnoy), all of which place bets through this sportsbook – sometimes even offering head-to-head wager opportunities with members. Great odds, great lines, and a generous $1000 deposit match bonus helped put this sportsbook over the top.

FAQ’s About NFL Draft betting Maryland

Do I need to follow Football to bet on the Draft?

While it helps to have a bit of familiarity with the NFL to bet on the Draft, you don’t need to be a huge, diehard fan of the game – or any team specifically – to put money on different picks.

Is it a good idea to bet on my favorite team’s picks during the Draft?

Some people refuse to put bets down on their favorite team during the Draft because they think their emotions will get too wrapped up in the decision, and they won’t think clearly. Other people love the opportunity to make money on great picks made by their team. It’s totally up to you!

Are there any NFL draft betting lines new bettors should stay away from?

New bettors (and veterans alike, honestly) will probably want to shy away a little bit from parlay action during draft day. The unpredictability of the NFL draft makes parlays really difficult to pay off.

How do I get my winnings out of my NFL Draft betting Maryland account?

Every NFL Draft betting Maryland platform is going to have its unique banking process, but most will let players get their winnings out through either their bank account, a physical or electronic check, or an online payment processor (like PayPal).

Is it legal to bet on Football in Maryland?

100% legal! Gov. Larry Hogan signed legislation into law that gave Maryland sportsbooks the green light to offer online betting in the state.