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Boxing Betting in Maryland

Boxing has been and still is one of the most exciting sports events. Watching two champs going at it in the ring is not only entertaining but comes with a long list of money-making opportunities. Though sports betting online has been around for some time, boxing betting fans in Maryland can finally partake!

Best sportsbooks for Boxing Betting in Maryland 2024

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BetMGM Boxing Betting in Maryland BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
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Boxing betting in Maryland

If you’ve made it here you’re probably looking for the best places to wager on Boxing and what the most popular Boxing bets that you can make are. The chance to legally bet on sports events in Maryland is finally here and we’re sure you can’t wait to start!

How we choose our top 5 Boxing sportsbooks MD


Before making a list of our favorite Maryland online gambling sites for Boxing betting, we put them head-to-head and see if they meet the criteria on a pretty extensive checklist. Besides being legal, legit, and safe, we look for all the minor details that set them apart.

  • Reputation with current and past users
  • Bonuses and promos
  • Payment options
  • Usability
  • Customer care
  • Withdraw speeds
  • Mobile sites and apps

All of these make the experience of betting on Boxing much more fun and rewarding, allowing gamblers to grow their wagers without worrying about the rest. Below, we’ll share 5 of the top Boxing betting in Maryland sportsbooks along with a look at how we choose them. Plus, we’ll tell you about the most popular Boxing bets before you make your first wager.

Top 5 Boxing betting sites in MD

Now that you know how we pick them, you know what you can expect when you try out one of our top 5 picks. To get your gaming on and enjoy the best online sportsbook in Maryland, check these websites out.

1. DraftKings Boxing odds

If you’re into sports, you’ve probably heard of “The King”. They are one of the most popular sportsbooks, coming with competitive odds and tons of betting opportunities each and every day.

Browse through the home page for a look at sports events and odds or follow along as Boxing matches unfold with live betting. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for daily and weekly promotions and offers for newcomers and frequent gamblers. Learn more about DraftKings Maryland, and what they have to offer.

2. PointsBet Boxing sportsbook

All newcomers can sign up and enjoy 2 bets risk-free up to $2000. If that’s not enough to get you heading over there right now, we don’t know what is! Apart from their awesome welcome offers.  You’ll find a unique layout at Pointsbet Maryland, with a spread format where you can take your picks and wager on all sorts of sports. Once you get the hang of it, you can enjoy a unique wagering experience, able to spot the most profitable opportunities on the web quickly.

3. Barstool Boxing lines

Barstool Sportsbook Maryland takes on an interactive approach to Boxing betting, encouraging bettors to come in and enjoy all the hype that comes along with anticipated events. The website’s layout is outstanding and hosts a hoard of sporting events from top to bottom.

With Barstool, you’ll find competitive odds, daily promos, and expert tips on who to bet your money on as you browse through your options. It’s a newcomer (as of Sept. 2020) but has already made a splash among many of the most popular online bettors.

4. FanDuel Boxing odds

From live betting, fantasy gameplay, and betting on future events, you can find a little bit of everything in the world of sports here. Along with a website that’s easy on the eyes, check out the mobile app for betting from anywhere at any time.

FanDuel Maryland is known around the web as an all-inclusive Boxing betting website, with clear-cut competitive odds and updates on stats the closer the match gets. Pick your bet and keep a lookout for bonuses that you can scoop up while you wager.

5. BetMGM Boxing betting

It’s easy to see where all of the hype about this website comes from right from the home page. As you scroll along, you’ll run into a long list of sporting events along with their odds and other stats. If you find something that calls out to you, simply click it and place your wager for quick entrance.

BetMGM Maryland is a top-notch sportsbook that’s recommended around the web. You can enjoy a risk-free bet of up to $600 and get a feel for the platform before putting your cash on the big match.

Other brands in the state with boxing betting:

Boxing betting in Maryland: know your bets


Apart from knowing where to bet, you should also know how to bet. If you’re a rookie, familiarize yourself with the terms and learn what they mean before you start to bet. Common wagers for betting in Boxing include:

The Boxing Moneyline

When you have two boxers going head-to-head in the ring, one thing is for sure, someone is going to be the winner. That’s what you’re banking on when you choose the moneyline bet, choosing the boxer you think will win the match. When you choose this bet, the first thing you will need to check out is the odds, followed by the boxer that’s favored to win.

To put things into perspective, let’s put Mike Tyson (-450) up against Evader Holyfield (+580). In this match, Tyson is favored so, if you choose him, you’ll have to bet $450 to make just $100. Choosing Holyfield, you can score $580 by betting only $100. As you can see, knowing what these numbers mean can take your Boxing betting to the next level.

Boxing Betting Rounds

Betting on the round or rounds that the match will last to is another popular wager. Though there are 12 rounds total, sometimes Boxing matches don’t go all the way and are over far before. After taking a look at who’s Boxing, you can choose to bet on rounds.

To do this, simply choose the round you think it will end, the group of rounds it will end in (9-12 for example), or go with the sportsbook’s guess and bet over or under.

Method of Victory

In Boxing, there are a few ways that a boxer can win. They can either win by knockout (KO), points (TKO), or disqualification of the other boxer. When you choose to place your wager on the method of victory, you’re putting your money on who will win and how they will win.

Using the example of our superstar match above, we could say that we think Tyson will win by knockout. On the contrary, we could say that Tyson will lose due to disqualification (anyone remember 1997?)

Boxing betting in Maryland: Top pro betting tips


Whether you’re a rookie Boxing bettor or have a few wins under your belt, you might benefit from a few of these pro tips. Before you take off and wager, consider these to amp up your betting abilities.

1. Set a budget

Before you log in, set aside money that is specifically for betting in Boxing and make sure that you don’t go over.

2. Have fun

If you ask any pro gambler why they play, most of them will say “for fun.” You have to have fun and not take wagers too seriously. Relax and enjoy the match, and maybe win a bit of cash out of it too!

3. Do your homework

Though there are odds and stats online, that’s not always the best indicator of how a match will end. Do your homework and check out bloggers, sportscasters, and sports news to get a better feel for how boxers will perform on the big night.

FAQ’s About Boxing Betting In Maryland

When did Boxing betting in Maryland become legal?

Maryland has tossed around the idea of legalizing sports betting for some time now. As of May 2021, it’s officially legal, meaning that all residents can partake in Boxing betting and other sports betting if they choose to.

Is Boxing betting in Maryland safe?

Yes, though you have to be choosy. Betting in Boxing online is safe as long as you’re using a safe and legitimate website. Make sure that the website you use has a safe payment system and is regulated by an approved entity. All of our top 5 are so, head over to those for safe wagering.

Where will Maryland’s betting revenue go?

Part of the organizing that comes along with legalizing Boxing betting is deciding where the influx of revenue for the state will go. Maryland has decided that it will go toward education, building a better and brighter future for current and new generations.

Is live betting possible for Boxing?

Yes! It’s exciting too! With live betting, you can place a bet on a current round or one that is to come after the match has started. You can also predict a winner though you have to play your timing right.

Where can I find Boxing betting promos?

Promotions are everywhere. However, not all of them are the same so it helps to know what to look for. Check out promos from official websites to ensure that they are not expired and they are legitimate before banking on them.