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E-sports betting in Maryland

Baffled by the idea of e-sports betting in Maryland? Don’t worry. You aren’t alone. Since esports gambling has only just become legalized in MD, a lot of people are venturing into the world of online gambling for the first time. The purpose of this page is to help those budding gamblers out.

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Overview of E-sports betting in MD

Here, we want to discuss the basics of e-sports betting in Maryland. We want to introduce you to the idea of making your first bet. Then, we want to introduce you to some sportsbooks that we really think that you are going to love. We even want to tell you about some of the most amazing games to gamble on. Since there is a whole lot to cover, let’s crack on!

Esports betting in Maryland


People love to play games, right? It is a great way to relax after a long, hard day at work. The gaming industry is actually worth more than the movie and music industries. It is big business.

Some people play games to do more than just relax, though. They are looking to compete in their favorite games. We are sure that everybody has competed with their friends at certain games. However, some people take it to a whole other level. Tournaments are being run with multi-million dollar prizes on the line! Crazy, right?

Esports Bets Maryland

We call it the competitive side of gaming e-sports. At the same time, esports bets in Maryland could cover just about any type of game that is competitive. We are going to take it to mean the major tournaments and leagues for gaming i.e. Overwatch League, Call of Duty League, etc.

You can bet on e-sports just like any other sport. You have tipsters out there sharing their tips. These events are broadcast live. So there is a whole world of fun to get stuck into.

Making your first Esports bet in Maryland


We are going to talk about the best Maryland sportsbooks for e-sports betting soon. First, however, we want to start by talking about making your first bet. This is because e-sports betting is probably going to be new to many of you. You may be familiar with the whole e-sports scene, but placing that very first wager can be quite mystifying.

Understanding betting odds

To become a savvy gambler, you need to understand betting odds. Betting odds will tell you:

  • The chances of an outcome happening
  • How much you can win

There are a lot of different ways of displaying betting odds. The one that we want to focus on is known as ‘American Odds’. Not through a sense of patríotism, but the fact that this is going to be the method that most sportsbooks in Maryland will use.

Reading the odds

Obviously, you are going to want to ensure that you stand the greatest chance of winning some cash. Preferably, a lot of cash. This means that you need to read the odds to determine who the favorite for an event is.

If you see a – next to a number, then you have a favorite. For example, a -100 could be a typical way of displaying these odds. We will talk more about how you can work out much you will win soon.

You may not always want to bet on the favorite, though. Betting on favorites may not be as risky, but you do not receive huge rewards. If you see a +, then you know that you are betting on the underdog for an event.

As an esports gambler, it is one of your jobs to weigh up the risk/reward. Gambling is an inherently risky concept. It is right there in the name. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are taking an adequate amount of risk for rewards on the table.

Determining how much you can win

If you add a bet to your e-sport betting slip, then you will probably be told how much the bet will pay you back. However, we are sure that many of you probably want to know how to determine potential winnings just by looking at the odds. Thankfully, this is simple.

Remember we spoke about the favorites? You would see a -200 odds or something similar to that. There will always be a – in front, at least. The number that appears is the amount that you would need to gamble if you wanted to win $100. So, in this case, you are looking at a heavy favorite. Betting $200 would give you $100 back. You would also receive your initial stake of $100 for a total of $300.

If you are betting on the e-sport underdog, then the calculation is slightly different. For example, if you saw a +200, then you would know that to win $200, you would have to bet $100. This is because the figure given is the amount you would win if you gambled $100. So, a winning bet here would also return $300.

Remember, you don’t have to bet $100! Instead, you can work out in your head how much you would make if you had a higher or lower stake. So, if you bet $50 on +200 odds, then you get $100 + $50 initial stake back!

Understanding E-sports betting markets

Understanding the betting odds is only going to be half of the battle. You need to know what you are actually betting on too. Thankfully, this is also easy. However, there may be a couple of terms used here that you may not be familiar with.

Remember; due to the nature of esports, there may be different e-sports betting markets available. They may work in slightly different ways. Rocket League betting won’t work the same as e-sports betting for League of Legends.

They are completely different games, after all. This means that we can’t really give you exact betting markets here. We can give you an overview and some sample bets that may be made. Any E-sports sportsbook will tell you exactly how a bet for a particular game works. Don’t worry.

Moneyline bets

Thankfully, this is one of those bets that is going to be the same no matter what esport you are gambling on. A Moneyline just allows you to choose whoever the winner of the game is going to be. Dead simple stuff. This is where beginners should start.

Futures bets

This is another bet that applies to esports across the board. As the name suggests, you are betting on something that will happen in the future. This means beyond a match. For example, you may bet on who wins a tournament. You may bet on the highest-scoring team across a league. You may bet on transfers between teams.

Point spreads

This is not a bet that you will find for all esports. It tends to only apply to the games with higher scoring. So, you wouldn’t find it in a best of 3 rounds games. However, you may find it on a best of 5 or best of 7 events.

Point spreads are designed to even the betting playing field a little bit when there is a clear favorite. The idea behind this bet is to handicap the favorite. For the bet, they will start a game 1-2 points behind. For example, at the start of the game, the bet may have the following score:

  • Favorite team: -2
  • Underdog: 0

So, for the favorite to be classed as the winner on this bet, they have to beat the underdog by at least 2 points in the final score. For example, this bet would be a winner:

  • Favorite: 5
  • Underdog: 2

This bet would not be a winner:

  • Favorite: 5
  • Underdog: 4

In fact, if you bet on the underdog there, you would win!

Prop bets

These are other bets that can vary from game to game. In fact, these are pretty game-specific bets. You will be betting on the small events that may happen during a game. For example, if you are watching CS:GO, then you may be betting on which team wins the most 1st rounds i.e. the pistol round. If you are watching League of Legends, then you may be betting on which team levels up the quickest. In Rocket League, you may be betting on the highest scorer.

These bets can be quite creative. However, they are inherently risky bets, so make sure that you do your research first.

Over/Under bets

Over/Under bets will also vary between games. However, not quite so much as the other bets. Over/Under bets will be you betting on the total combined score of the competitors. Let’s say this was the final score:

  • Team 1: 5
  • Team 2: 3

This gives us a total of 8 points, or 8 rounds played. So, a bet may be “Over 7 Rounds Played”, so if you bet on that, you would be a winner. However, if you guessed that there would be under 7 rounds, the bet is a loser.

E-sports sportsbooks in Maryland


Since we know that you are probably itching to make your first bets on esports in Maryland, we want to keep this brief. We just want to highlight some of the things that we look out for when we are tracking down an online betting site for e-sports betting in Maryland. If you wish, you can skip this section. In the next one, we will tell you the three places that we spend most of our time playing.

Betting markets for esports in MD

You already know about the various betting markets available for esports gambling. To ensure that you can make the best possible bets, you want to know that the site offers a huge selection of betting markets. While simple Moneylines may be good for beginners, it won’t be long before you want to graduate beyond that.

Live betting is also great if you enjoy watching esports while betting.

E-Sports Betting odds in MD

The more you win, the better. You may need to be signed up to multiple esports betting sites to ensure that you can always take advantage of the best betting odds.

E-Sports Betting bonuses

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for betting? Of course, betting bonuses will vary from online betting site to online betting site. However, you can expect things like risk-free bets, free bets, deposit-based bonuses, etc.

Customer support

We like to know that somebody has our back, even if we never need to get in touch with them. We tend to only choose online betting sites for e-sports betting in Maryland when they have 24/7 customer support available. You never know when you will need a bit of help.

Mobile sports gambling

Most of us use our phones and tablets to access websites and apps. The best sites will be those that allow you to gamble easily from the palm of your hand.

Other features

The other features will be dependent on what you want from a sportsbook. It may mean certain withdrawal/deposit options. It may mean having other sports available, etc. Have a browse through some of the best online betting sites to get a feel for what you like.

Top sportsbooks for E-sports betting in MD


As promised, we want to go through some of the best e-sports online sports betting sites in Maryland here. We are a member of each of these sites, and we often flick between them to guarantee awesome odds.

BetMGM E-sports betting

BetMGM E-Sports betting is one of our favorite places to head during some of the big esports tournaments. This is because they often offer enhanced odds, particularly on the finals.

William Hill E-sports odds

William Hill was pioneers in esports gambling. This is the site that you want to head to if you want to gamble on an eclectic array of games.

Pointsbet E-sports sportsbooks

Pointsbet E-sports is good for a bonus or two. They are also awesome if you love to gamble while you are on the move. Their mobile app is divine.

The most popular Esports to bet on in MD


Let’s wrap up by mentioning some of the most popular esports. Since you will probably know what each of these games is, we won’t talk about them. However, we do want to mention some of the big games that often attract the big bucks when it comes to esports gambling:

  • Rocket League
  • eNASCAR in iRacing.
  • Call of Duty
  • League of Legends
  • CS:GO

There may be other games available. However, these will often have events running throughout the year due to their popularity. This means that there will be no shortage of e-sports betting markets that you can get stuck into.

FAQ’s About E-sports betting in Maryland

Do you need an ID for e-sports betting in Maryland?

Yes. You will need a state. Issued ID and a utility bill. This helps to prove that you are a resident in Maryland and that you can legally gamble.

Do all sportsbooks offer e-sports betting in MD?

No. It is rare to find a sportsbook that offers esports betting. It is a rather niche bet type. This may change in the future. However, for now, you are limited to just a few sites.

Do sportsbooks live-stream e-sports events?

It is rare. Most will just take bets and expect you to watch the event on Twitch.

Can you create parlays for e-sports bets?

Yes! Although, remember that parlays are going to be riskier bets. They are not recommended for beginners.

Can you live bet on e-sports?

Some sportsbooks may allow you to live bet on e-sports. However, this is something that tends to only be available for the biggest games.