Orange Bowl Betting Maryland

With the famed Orange Bowl always just around the corner, many people in MD are itching to look into the idea of Orange Bowl betting in Maryland. It helps to add an interesting new dynamic to the college football game. All you need is a sportsbook that offers Orange Bowl betting in Maryland and you are ready to go.

Best sportsbooks for Orange Bowl Betting Maryland 2024

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Guide to Orange Bow betting in MD

In this guide to betting on the Orange Bowl in MD we’ll offer a few tips for Orange Bowl betting lines, and get you into betting on one of the oldest Bowl events in the US.

In this guide, we want to discuss the basics of Orange Bowl betting in Maryland. This means highlighting some awesome sportsbooks, the actual betting process, and even a couple of tips on boosting your chances of winning. Let’s dive in. That Orange Bowl is going to be happening soon!

Best Orange Bowl betting in Maryland


If you are looking to gamble on the Orange Bowl right away, then you need a sportsbook to check out. Thankfully, there is no shortage of them in Maryland. Perhaps somewhat less thankfully is that almost every single site will allow you to bet on the Orange Bowl. So, in order to keep things nice and simple for you, we want to highlight the best Maryland online sportsbooks.

BetMGM Orange Bowl betting

BetMGM MD is a massive gambling brand. This is because they often have several markets available for eager gamblers. They do stick to the simpler bets, so don’t expect crazy props. However, you can expect some amazing odds.

PointsBet Orange Bowl betting

Pointsbet Maryland is a bonus-laden website. If you are new to gambling and perhaps the Orange Bowl is your first foray into the world of betting, then check out Pointsbet for a bonus or two.

Fanduel Orange Bowl odds

Fanduel Maryland is one of those sportsbooks that really tries to pay attention to what the fans want. Expect tons of props and unique markets that you won’t find anywhere else.

Draftkings Orange Bowl lines

Bet hedgers will love Draftkings MD. This is because they offer live betting. This can be a fantastic way to cut your losses if your initial bet doesn’t seem to be coming through.

Barstool Orange Bowl bets

Barstool Sportsbook Maryland is one of the more unique and dynamic brands. With them, expect them to run regular podcasts in the lead-up to the Orange Bowl packed to the brim with tips. When betting for the Orange Bowl opens, expect great odds.

Making a bet on Orange Bowl betting – Maryland


Honestly, making your very first bet shouldn’t be too difficult. We want to briefly guide you through the process here. These are really things that you should be thinking about before you stake your cash.

Signing up for the orange bowl sportsbook

You already have a list of the best sportsbooks for Orange Bowl betting in Maryland. You can’t just sign up to one right away, though. You will need to have your ID to hand. Most sportsbooks will require that you use your ID when you sign-up to prove that you are of legal age and living in Maryland.

If you are looking to take advantage of a betting bonus, then read the terms and conditions to see whether there is anything specific that you need to do during the sign-up process.

Doing your research

You should always ensure that you do your research for any bet that you make. Listen to betting tips. Read Orange Bowl and college football news. Absorb as much information as you can. Don’t bet from the heart.

Reading the betting odds

The betting odds should always be an indicator of which events are most likely to happen. Pay attention to them. If the betting odds indicate that one event is highly unlikely to happen and the odds are ridiculously long, then don’t bet on it without hedging that bet. We know that gambling is about taking risks sometimes, but there are some bets that will be too risky for even the keenest of gamblers.

Betting markets for Orange Bowl betting in Maryland

All of the betting markets tied to Orange Bowl and NCAA football betting will be on the games specifically. You will not find futures bets for the Orange Bowl.

Common markets for Orange Bowl betting in Maryland include:

  • Moneylines for choosing the winner of the game.
  • Point spreads for gambling on whether the winner will win by a certain number of points. These are also used for underdog bets where you are betting that the underdog doesn’t lose too heavily.
  • Over/Under bets for gambling on the combined point score for the competing teams to be over or under a certain amount.

You will also have prop bets. We will discuss those in the next section. Prop bets are side markets that are not tied to the final score.

Popular prop markets for Orange Bowl betting in Maryland


We want to take a look at prop bets specifically here. This is because prop bets can be an exciting way to gamble. Granted, they are not always going to be the safest bets. However, prop bets can be interesting.

Obviously, each sportsbook will have its own prop bets. One that you may find at one sportsbook in Maryland may not make an appearance elsewhere. So, if prop betting is your thing, then check out multiple sites that offer Orange Bowl betting in Maryland to see which ones catch your attention.

Popular prop bets can include:

  • What the coin toss will land on.
  • How long the National Anthem at the start of the game will go on.
  • The flavor of Gatorade consumed first

Those are some of the more unique prop bets. Popular ones include the distances traveled, the first team to score, etc. As we said, it is anything that is not tied to the final outcome of the game.

Maryland – Hedging your bets on the Orange Bowl


The last thing that we want to talk about is hedging your bets on the Orange Bowl. This is because we have no doubt that many of the people planning to bet on the event will have heard the term ‘bet hedging’ before, so we figured we walk you through how it works.

Now, if you are just betting under $100 on the Orange Bowl, then you can skip this section. Hedging your bet probably isn’t going to be worth it. Over that? It is a great way to cut your losses.

What is hedging your bet?

When somebody hedges their bets on the Orange Bowl, we are saying that they are betting on both possible outcomes. For example, you may bet on both teams to be the winner.

Yes. This does go against the whole idea of gambling. However, when bets are hedged properly, one of two things can happen:

  • A gambler will cut their losses
  • A gambler may profit no matter what happens.

How do you hedge your bets?

To say that you just place a bet on both outcomes would be slightly wrong. You need to actually plan your bets and modify the stake on each outcome to ensure that you do not lose. This involves some math. So, if betting on one team to win the Orange Bowl would set you back $100, then you need to ensure that you bet enough on the opposite side to get $100 if that bet comes through.

Most people will bet smaller amounts of cash on the underdog and large amounts of cash on the favorite. You just need to get that balance right which, thankfully, isn’t that difficult to do.

Is it worth hedging your bets?

If you are betting for fun, then probably not. Many of the people betting on the Orange Bowl in Maryland are just doing it for a bit of excitement. You only really need to look into hedging your bets if gambling is something that you plan on taking seriously.

FAQ’s About Orange Bowl betting Maryland

Do all sportsbooks offer Orange Bowl betting in Maryland?

Most of them will due to the popularity of the event. If a sportsbook normally offers college football betting, then they will probably also offer Orange Bowl betting.

Is the Orange Bowl a playoff game?

It is dependent on the year. The Orange Bowl is only regarded as a playoff game every few years.

Do teams have home advantage in the Orange Bowl?

While there will be an officially named home team for the Orange Bowl, this is just a formality. Neither team will likely have home advantage when it comes to betting since they are not playing in their normal stadium. You may want to check the number of fans in attendance, though.

Is Orange Bowl gambling legal in Maryland?

Yes. If the sportsbook accepts Maryland residents and you are a resident of MD, then you will be able to bet on the Orange Bowl. You may have to provide ID to prove who you are, though.

What is the maximum bet that you can place on the Orange Bowl?

There tends to be no limit to the amount that you can bet. Limits will need to be set by you. As with all gambling, you should only ever be betting what you can afford to lose.