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Monkey Knife Fight Maryland promo code

Monkey Knife Fight is one of the top sportsbooks in Maryland. They offer a variety of gambling picks across a multitude of sports. The site is well-known for its great welcome betting bonus and amazing betting odds. It certainly is one of those online betting sites that you want to check out.

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Monkey Knife Fight Maryland new users promo code offer 2024

At the moment, there’s no Monkey Knife Fight Maryland promo code for new users. But check out our other options in the list below.

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Monkey Knife Fight sportsbook Maryland review

Monkey Knife Fight in Maryland may be ever so slightly different from the sportsbooks that you have used before. While they are known for being a daily fantasy sports site, the various betting markets that they have available are not all that different from the markets available at other sportsbooks.

In this Monkey Knife Fight sportsbook review, we are going to cover the following:

  • The withdrawal and deposit options available at the sportsbook
  • The Monkey Knife Fight customer support team
  • The various sports markets available at MKF
  • How their betting markets work
  • Their welcome bonus

By the end of this MKF Maryland review, you are going to know whether this is the sportsbook that you should be gambling at (hint: it probably is)

Monkey Knife Fight Maryland Bonuses

Monkey Knife Fight offers a variety of different promotions throughout the year. Whenever you head to the site, you will always want to check out the promotions tab.

As a welcome bonus, they will give you a free $5 game. They will also match your first deposit up to $100.

It may not sound like the biggest welcome bonus in the world, but there are very few restrictions tied to the bonus. This means that you have more of an opportunity to withdraw it should you win from your free bet.

Review of Monkey Knife Fight mobile app

Monkey Knife Fight is a site that has pretty much grown up in the mobile age. This means that the team behind the site has had the ability to build MKF up in such a way that it looks tremendous on mobile devices.

The Monkey Knife Fight app for Maryland is available on both Android and iOS devices. You can also access the site through your mobile browser. It is a little bit slower, but it is perfectly functional.

One of the things that we absolutely love about MKF is that they go to huge lengths to ensure that gambling through their mobile app is barely any different from gambling from your computer. You can do the same things. You can bet. You can deposit. You can withdraw.

The UI is tremendous too. You never really feel confused about what you need to click. You will never misclick either. A lot of time and effort went into ensuring that the design of the site is perfect.

Honestly, if you have been looking for an awesome mobile sportsbook, then Monkey Knife Fight should certainly be in the running.

Why bet at the Monkey Knife Fight sportsbook in Maryland?

As you go through this page, we will go into depth on a few of the reasons why we love Monkey Knife Fight in Maryland. However, let’s give you a quick overview:

  • Their welcome bonus has very few restrictions.
  • Offer some of the biggest sports and events.
  • Allow you to bet on eSports
  • Withdrawals are a little bit faster than other sportsbooks.
  • Offer unique online betting options
  • Offers both an iOS and Android mobile app. Both work almost flawlessly.

We know that the slightly more creative way of betting at Monkey Knife Fight can put some people off. However, we can assure you that their betting markets are easy to understand. They offer some great payouts too. However, we will talk more about that in a short while.

Sports you can bet on at MKF in MD

Monkey Knife Fight offers markets in the following sports:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • eSports
  • UFC

Do bear in mind that due to how MKF works, you won’t have a ton of games available for each of these sports. The site loves to stick to the bigger events. Although, for most people, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. After all, most of us will only ever gamble on big games.

Betting markets at MKF sportsbook in Maryland

Monkey Knife Fight started as a daily fantasy sports site. This means that how their online betting markets work is different. We are sure that you won’t have too many issues wrapping your head around the markets, though.

At the moment, there are no bets similar to moneylines or point spreads at Monkey Knife Fight. You do not bet on teams here. You bet on players. We suppose that their betting options are very similar to prop bets.

How these markets work will differ from sport to sport. This means that you will need to read through the info for your chosen sport to ensure that you are betting on the right thing.

Fantasy points

Fantasy points are a cool way to bet.

You will bet on which players will beat a certain number of fantasy points set by Monkey Knife Sportsbook. Each action a player takes in the game has the potential to earn them fantasy points.

Winning with a fantasy points bet means that you need to have a decent understanding of how a player is likely to perform.

Rapid-fire markets

Rapid-fire markets tend to give you two player picks and a stat. Your goal is to choose which player will perform the best for that stat.

These are example stats that you may encounter:

  • Number of passing yards in a football game
  • Number of assists or goals in a soccer match
  • Fastest lap in NASCAR

If you enjoy prop bets, then rapid-fire markets come pretty close to that.

Stat shootout

With stat shootout, Monkey Knife Fight will give you a stat. You will then need to select all the players that you believe will beat that stat.

This will be similar to a prop bet at other sportsbooks.

Over/under markets

Monkey Knife Fight also calls these markets ‘more or less’.

You will be given a stat. You will then select a player that has the best chance of outperforming or underperforming that stat.

You can make multiple selections here. This can make over/under markets very similar to parlay bets. Although, unlike parlay bets, you don’t always have to win every single line.

This is one of the few betting options on Monkey Knife Fight that also allows you to bet on the performances of a team. So, this is pretty much the closest that you are going to get to moneylines at this sportsbook.

Monkey Knife Fight MD withdrawal and deposit methods

The thing with Monkey Knife Fight is that the withdrawal and deposit options are a little bit more limited than some of the other sportsbooks that you may encounter. Although, chances are that you have a payment method not supported by the site will be slim.

Getting money into your Monkey Knife Fight sportsbook account

Credit or debit cards are your only options at the moment. MKF Maryland may introduce more deposit methods in the future. However, for now, unless you have a credit/debit card, you won’t be able to deposit cash.

Withdrawal methods from the Monkey Knife Fight sportsbook

How withdrawals work is a bit different from what you may be used to at other Maryland online sportsbooks.

When you withdraw cash, it will automatically withdraw it to the debit/credit card that you use to deposit into your sportsbook account. However, this is capped. You can only withdraw up to the amount that you have deposited using that card in the last 90-days.

So, what happens to the rest? You can choose to have it sent via ACH or check.

MKF Maryland customer support

You have a couple of ways that you can get in touch with Monkey Knife Fight:

  • Their FAQ answers just about every question anybody would ever have about MKF.
  • Contact them via email

Talking to Monkey Knife Fight via email can be somewhat of a slow process in comparison to other sportsbooks. It may take a couple of days for a response. However, most questions are answered in the FAQ, so you probably won’t have to talk to them anyway.

Other reviews:

Monkey Knife Fight Maryland FAQ

Does Monkey Knife Fight in Maryland offer live betting markets?

No. There is no live betting. However, you can bet on some events at the halfway point of the game.

Does MKF in Maryland offer enhanced odds promotions?

They offer promotions where the potential winnings on your picks can be increased. These will mostly be available during some of the bigger events of the sporting calendar.

Can you deposit to Monkey Knife Fight in Maryland using PayPal?

At the time of writing, PayPal is not a deposit option at MKF. However, they do have plans to start to allow it in the future.

How fast are withdrawals from Monkey Knife Fight in Maryland?

Withdrawals at Monkey Knife Fight can take between 3 to 5 days. Due to the system that they have in place, there may be two separate withdrawals. One may take longer than the other.

Can you bet on soccer games at MKF in Maryland?

Yes. Although, there may only be a limited selection of soccer games available. The sportsbook tends to stick to some of the bigger games happening around the world.