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Teaser Betting Maryland

Teaser betting in Maryland is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill parlay. No, this kind of action tilts the odds in your favor – tips the scales your way – in a way that traditional parlays can’t, while still allowing you to cash in big time if you’re combined wagers all hit.

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How to place Teaser bets

The trick is figuring out when to place teaser bets and when to leave things alone.

Below we run through (almost) everything you need to know about how a teaser bet works, how to make the most of the leverage a teaser provides, and how to be sure that you are placing these wagers on a legit sportsbook that can help you maximize your winning potential.

Teaser betting Maryland explained


The easiest way to understand teasers is to basically think of them as parlay bets that allow you to modify the betting line, pushing the odds in your favor – though you have to take on a bit of extra risk in a different way to make these pay off.

For those unfamiliar, a parlay bet is essentially a “super bet” made up of multiple smaller, individual wagers all combined into one. A teaser is exactly that kind of wager, though you “buy” points to push the line in your direction at the same time! Pointsbet Maryland have their own unique way to place bets, learn more about it under our guide above.

What is a Teaser Bet – Odds and Payout breakdown

Let’s break this down with a quick example: The most common type of teaser betting Maryland players are probably going to get into is known as the “two teams, six-point teaser.”

For example, let’s say that you’re looking to place bets down on the Baltimore Ravens that are 9.5 point favorites in their game while also looking to “tease” the Chicago Bears that are currently 2.5 point underdogs.

With a teaser in place, you move those lines 6 points, changing the Ravens to a 3.5 point favorite while making the Bears line to 8.5. Now all you need is the Ravens to win by four points (or more) and the Bears to either win outright (by any score) or to lose by eight points or less.

If both of those things happen – and both things need to happen for teaser bets to pay off – you’ll walk away with a $100 profit on a $110 bet (for a total payout of $210) with odds pegged at -110.

Obviously, though, there are different kinds of teaser odds that you might be playing with – odds set by the Maryland sportsbook that you are playing on in the first place.

Adding Teaser legs

Every time you add another leg to the teaser, you’re going to increase your odds against you (even while moving the line), but that also increases your potential payout as well.

The cool thing about teaser betting is that you can play around with different amounts of “legs” just like you can with a parlay, but you can also play around with the points that you are “buying” as well.

Most Maryland online sportsbooks (for football, anyway) are going to let you buy 6 points, 6.5 points, or 7 points. Basketball teasers are usually going to come in at 4 points, 4.5 points, and 5 points.

Teaser Push situations

In the event of a “push” (basically a tie in one of your teaser legs), that specific wager is going to be dropped from the teaser completely with your money (for that leg) refunded to you.

If you were playing a three-team teaser, for example, you would now be playing a two-team teaser – and your odds (and potential payout) would shift accordingly.

If, however, you were playing a two-team teaser, you would now be playing “straight up” with the remaining wager, with your money returned for the second leg that ended up becoming a push.

Best Sportsbooks in Maryland for Teaser Betting


To have the most fun with teaser sports betting, you need to find a book that really makes these kinds of wagers a priority. Check out the books that we run through below to give yourself the best shot at cleaning up with these kinds of bets! Take a look what these Maryland sports betting sites has to offer.

BetMGM Teasers

BetMGM Maryland has some of the best teaser betting odds in the business, making it easy for players to bet on professional football, college football, and basketball at both the professional and college levels.

Expect to get teaser points of 6/6.5/7 for the NFL, 6.5/7/7.5 for college football, and 4/4.5/5 for professional and college basketball lines.

PointsBet Teasers

PointsBet Maryland isn’t going to lock you in the box with teaser bets the same way that a lot of other teaser betting Maryland sportsbooks might, instead of allowing you to pick and choose from over 70+ Totals and Spreads that you can bet as a parlay or a teaser!

This means you’re going to have almost unlimited action at your fingers when you are teaser sports betting here.

DraftKings Teaser Bets

DraftKings Maryland makes it really (REALLY) easy to get into the action with teaser betting. All you have to do is build a parlay, jump into your digital betting slip, click the TEASER option at the top, and then pick and choose the modifiers you want to add to that specific wager.

It really doesn’t get much easier than that, which is why people love teaser bets on DraftKings!

FanDuel Teaser Bets

FanDuel Maryland teasers are also really simple and straightforward to hit the ground running with, thanks in large part to how well-designed their digital betting slip is.

You’ll be able to build out multi-leg parlays that you then transform into teasers with zero headaches or hassle, though you are going to handcuff your winning potential a little bit when you buy more points for your teaser.


The Barstool Sportsbook Maryland is a huge promoter of teaser-style bets, opening up a world of opportunity for you to get in on the action as a teaser betting Maryland player.

Once again, you’ll have to build your parlay first before you are able to tease it – though that shouldn’t be much trouble, thanks to how well-designed and intuitive the desktop and mobile version of the their bet slip is.

Teaser Sports Betting Strategies That Really Work


To really help you hit the ground running with a teaser in betting action right now, we have put together a quick breakdown of different strategies you’ll want to consider, strategies that let you tip the scales even further in your direction without handcuffing your payout potential along the way.

Teasers work best in Football

Right out of the gate, we can tell you that teasers at Maryland online gambling sites should be limited only to football – and ideally just the NFL – when you are new to this style of betting.

The overwhelming majority of games are going to be decided by three points, six points, seven points, or 10 points, and teasers allow you to move off and through these numbers to boost the potential of your bets to win without crippling your payout potential.

If you’re going to tease the Spread, Tease the underdog

Teaser bets can be played in a couple of different ways, but a proven strategy for teaser sports betting is to “move the line” through zero by taking a short favorite and moving them to a short underdog – boosting your odds of success in a big way.

These kinds of wagers aren’t always available, though. So be on the lookout for them so that you can jack up your odds of success!

Steer clear of teasing College Football (Unless you really want to)

NFL action is some of the best in the world of sports when you want to do some teaser betting, but college football is an absolute nightmare.

College football has a lot more variance and a lot more unpredictability compared to the professional game, and that’s a nightmare for real-deal sports bettors to deal with.

When you’re first starting out, it’s better to stick to the NFL with teaser bets unless you have a college game you really, really want to put some money on.

FAQ’s About Teaser Betting Maryland

Are teasers worth getting into in MD?

Teasing a parlay with crazy odds and turning it into something a little more reasonable (while accepting a slightly lower payout if it pops) can be an effective strategy to minimize your risk without giving up all of your potential upsides.

Will every sportsbook let me play teasers in Maryland?

Not every book out there is going to let you play teasers, but all of the popular online sportsbooks we highlighted above – some of the best teaser betting Maryland action around – will let you play these kinds of wagers for sure.

Are teasers just fancy parlays?

There isn’t a whole lot of difference between a teaser and a parlay aside from the fact that teasers let you play with the odds (and tilt them in your direction), whereas a parlay doesn’t change the individual wager odds at all.

What’s a pleaser?

With a teaser, you are “buying” points to improve your odds of hitting your combined parlay while somewhat limiting your potential payout. A pleaser is essentially a reverse teaser, allowing you to basically “sell” points back to the house to dramatically increase your potential payout. Not every teaser betting Maryland sportsbook is going to offer these kinds of wagers, though.

Does anybody tease over/under?

You can definitely tease over/under if you want to, but again you’re going to want to limit this kind of action to NFL games most of the time (just for the increased predictability versus the college game).