Peach Bowl betting Maryland

Peach Bowl betting Maryland was made available in 2021. On January 10, 2022, two of the best college football teams of the year head down to Atlanta, Georgia. To play in the Mercedes Benz Superdome to compete for the Peach Bowl title. You’ll find a guide to placing bets, the best Peach Bowl bonuses, and much more Peach Bowl betting-related content on this page.

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Guide to Peach Bowl betting in MD

The Peach Bowl is one of the most highly anticipated college football games of the season, and a bowl game with a lot of history. The winner of the Peach Bowl often has a chance to compete for the national title. Especially now that the Peach Bowl rotates into and out of the College Football Playoff semifinal schedule.

The surprise of no one, the prestige of the Peach Bowl often means that there’s going to be a lot of people putting money on the game.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into some Peach Bowl betting action in MD yourself but aren’t sure of how to get started (or how to make smarter picks). The info we run through below is going to be a big help.

Use the details in this guide to tilt the scales (even just a little bit) in your favor. Boosting your chances of taking home a bigger winter than you might have been before. Here we go.

Tips for better Peach Bowl betting in Maryland


Bet against the public’s opinions

More often than not, it pays to bet against what the “general consensus” will be on the outcome of a Peach Bowl game.

That sounds a bit crazy on the surface (and pretty contrarian). But if you look at the actual numbers, the public is wrong about who they picked to win the Peach Bowl more than 50% of the time.

A big part of this is simply because the general public is betting with their hearts instead of their heads. With some bettors doing zero research whatsoever aside from looking at who the favorite for the game is. And then stuffing their money on that side of the Peach Bowl betting line.

We all have friends that get into this kind of sports betting action. Jumping on board the heavy money without realizing that the sharps – professional bettors – almost always cut against the grain.

That’s where you want your Peach Bowl betting line action to fall, too. On the side with the sharps, the folks that make their living putting money on games like this.

Advanced stats are important when betting on the Peach Bowl

We live in an era of sports where advanced metrics can calculate pretty much anything and everything imaginable.

There are advanced stats out there that speak to overall offensive efficiency, defensive efficiency, overall win probability based on AI, and “big data” fed into algorithms. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

And while advanced stats have definitely been a boon for serious Peach Bowl betting enthusiasts. They can also distill big games like these down to data points while ignoring the fact that the game is played on the field by human beings – and is officiated by human beings, too.

Never forget that

Everyone remembers a game where an underdog stopped the most talented, most dominant, juggernaut-like team that most people thought had zero business even playing in a Peach Bowl.

The hungriest, most motivated, and most cohesive team can find a way to win up against even the craziest Peach Bowl betting odds imaginable. That can’t be discounted out of hand.

Take into account the travel distances

Because the Peach Bowl is played at what is supposed to be a “neutral site” (unless nearby teams, like the Georgia Bulldogs, are playing there), generating home-field advantage is a bit of a challenge for both teams in the game. At the same time, though, some teams have fan bases that “travel” better than others.

These are the kinds of teams (like LSU, Alabama, Clemson, etc.) that always seem to fill stadiums with their fans. Regardless of whether or not they are playing at home in front of their crowd and student base.

If a team travels well the odds are pretty good, they’re going to have at least a little bit of an advantage. And that might make all the difference, especially when there’s a short spread separating the two teams in the Peach Bowl.

Understand your Peach Bowl betting in Maryland options


Here’s a quick rundown of the different kinds of bets you might be interested in checking out when looking over the Peach Bowl betting odds on the Maryland sportsbooks you’re signed up with.

Peach Bowl Moneyline

Moneyline picks are often the easiest of all the make, only requiring you to figure out who you think will come home the Peach Bowl champion – and that’s about it.

You don’t have to worry about the final score, you don’t have to worry about covering the spread, and you don’t have to worry about who scored the first touchdown, through the first interception, or one the opening coin toss. All you have to do is nail the team that wins the game at the final whistle!

Point Spreads on the Peach Bowl

The Peach Bowl point spread takes the Moneyline to the next level. Requiring you to not just pick the team that you think is going to come home with the W at the end of the day. But also by how much you think that team will win (or cover the loss).

These Peach Bowl betting odds have to do with the overall margin of victory. The tricky thing with the spread when it comes to the Peach Bowl, though, is that the college game can have some pretty wild swings and real unpredictability for the spread compared to the NFL.

Just look at some of the biggest blowouts in bowl game history.

  • The 2015 Rose Bowl saw Oregon Florida State by 39 points.
  • The 2015 Cotton Bowl saw Alabama beat Michigan State by 38 points.
  • 2016 Fiesta Bowl saw Clemson beat Ohio State by 31 points.
  • The odds are pretty good that the spread in those games wasn’t pegged at 30+ points!

Peach Bowl Totals

Peach Bowl over-under (totals) bets suffer from the same problem that the spread suffers from, in that there is real unpredictability in the college game – even during the bowl game portion of the year when only the top teams in the country are supposed to be squaring off against one another.

Oddsmakers do their very best to try and come up with Peach Bowl betting odds for totals that allow even money to go on both sides of the books. At the end of the day however, sometimes looking at the temperature and humidity level the day of the game can give you more insight into where you want your money.

If the gameday weather is particularly hot and humid, it’s not a bad idea to bet the Under. There’s a good chance that the defense will be gassed sooner than they would have been in cooler weather and that almost always creates shootout potential.

Props and Parlays

Peach Bowl prop bets are always popular, even amongst those that aren’t necessarily into college football that much. That’s because these bets are super accessible because of the way that they are structured.

You’re not going to get the best Peach Bowl odds line from these kinds of wagers (because of how random they can be), but you are going to get a lot of fun out of them, that’s for sure.

Peach Bowl prop bets can include things like:

  • Will the initial coin toss, heads, or tails?
  • Which team will score the first running touchdown?
  • Which team will fumble the ball first?
  • What will be the result of the first play from scrimmage?
  • Who scores the last touchdown before halftime?
  • How long will the national anthem be before the game begins?

Parlay-style bets are pretty popular in college football but can be somewhat tougher to come by during the Peach Bowl.

That’s because a lot of Peach Bowl betting Maryland platforms aren’t big fans of “Correlated Parlays,” parlays that are basically made up of wagers that have results that are tied together as opposed to wagers that are truly separate from one another.

You get these kinds of correlated parlays with the Peach Bowl because you are betting one game. There’s no way of getting around correlating these parlays. Because the odds of a second wager winning increase if the first one does, a lot of sportsbooks just won’t accept them.

Some books, though, feature what they call “Same Game Parlay” options which are nothing more than correlated parlays with odds that have been adjusted to wipe out a lot of the impact that the correlation would have had otherwise.

Those might be worth looking into if you’re serious about making parlay style wagers during the Peach Bowl.

Sign up for a great Peach Bowl sportsbook in Maryland


Finding the right Peach Bowl betting Maryland platform to get started with can make or break your whole experience with sports betting. Which is why it’s so important to take your time and research your options.

Be sure to look for Maryland online gambling sites that offer:

  • A clean, easy to navigate, and uncluttered user interface (especially on mobile)
  • A solid gold reputation throughout the sportsbook industry
  • Fair and competitive odds that aren’t impossible to beat or completely stacked against you
  • Banking options that are easy to use, fast, and completely safe and secure
  • Plenty of promo and bonus options that aren’t hard to take advantage of
  • NCAA football betting in Maryland

It’s also not a bad idea to look for Peach Bowl betting platforms in Maryland that let you do a bit of live betting. And also have low minimum bet requirements so that you can get in on the action without risking a bunch of money, and have excellent customer support.

Top Maryland sportsbooks to consider for the Peach Bowl

BetMGM Peach Bowl odds– The odds are pretty good that you’ve heard of MGM resorts and casinos before, and you may have even done a bit of sports betting and gambling in one of these locations. This is their online sportsbook equivalent, and it’s just as professional, just as well done, and just as trustworthy.

PointsBet Peach Bowl – Many sportsbooks offer plenty of betting lines and competitive odds. But few can offer as many wager opportunities as PointsBet does. If you’re looking for Peach Bowl prop bets that other books aren’t offering, this is the place to be.

DraftKings Peach Bowl– Mobile sports betting is taking off like wildfire in Maryland, and DraftKings is perfectly suited to capitalize on the popularity. This is a great sportsbook with competitive Peach Bowl betting odds and a reputation for fast payouts.

FanDuel Peach Bowl odds– FanDuel is one of the few Peach Bowl betting Maryland platforms that offer “Same Game Parlay” betting action. They also offer secure banking solutions, dedicated customer support, and a polished mobile experience too.

Barstool Sportsbook Peach Bowl betting– Barstool is most well-known for being attached to Barstool Sports, one of the most popular sports entertainment companies on the planet right now (led by Dave Portnoy). Aside from being the official home of the Barstool community for sports betting, they also offer great betting lines, prop bet opportunities not found anywhere else, and a generous $1000 deposit match bonus.

FAQ’s About Peach Bowl betting Maryland

Can I legally bet on sports in Maryland?

Betting on sports in Maryland is 100% legal as of 2020. That’s the year that Gov. Larry Hogan signed legislation into law that gave online sports betting the green light!

When is the Peach Bowl held?

The Peach Bowl is held around December 28 every year and is always played in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who plays in the Peach Bowl?

This bowl game is not set up the way the Iron Bowl is, an annual matchup between Alabama and Auburn. Every year the two teams can be completely different, though teams from the SEC and ACC are almost always represented on one side of the matchup or the other.

Is live betting available during the Peach Bowl?

Most Peach Bowl betting Maryland platforms allow live betting during the games, including point spread, over/under, total, and prop bet options right up until the final whistle.

Are there any bets I should avoid during the Peach Bowl?

Parlays and futures should probably be avoided when it comes to the Peach Bowl, if only because they are so hard to nail down with this kind of college football game.