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Fifa World Cup betting Maryland

Diving into FIFA World Cup betting in Maryland is actually easier than you may think. Since it is such big business for many sportsbooks, a lot of them will go out of their way to explain things to new gamblers. Just make sure that you are doing your own research into the best bets to make, and we are sure that you will end up doing rather well with your gambling.

Best sportsbooks for Fifa World Cup betting Maryland 2024

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Guide to betting on the FIFA world cup – MD

Online gambling in Maryland is now legal. This means that we can finally engage in a bit of FIFA World Cup betting in MD. Yep. This means that we have the potential to win some cash gambling on the largest sporting tournament in the world.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many people have their first foray into the world of online gambling simply because a major tournament catches their attention. Since there is no tournament greater than the World Cup, we do not doubt that many people in our fantastic state are going to be gambling for the first time. This page is for them.

Choosing a sportsbook for FIFA World Cup betting in Maryland


First things first, let’s find you, punters, a place to gamble. Since you will likely have a whole host of sportsbooks in Maryland plying for your business, you may need to be a little bit wary about where you gamble. Therefore, whenever you find a sportsbook, we hope you ask yourself the following questions to help determine whether it will be a good place for you to be. Alternatively, you can just skip to the next section as we have researched for you.

Do they offer World Cup bets?

You probably shouldn’t have that many issues finding a Maryland sports betting site that offers bets on the World Cup. It is big business every 4-years,

What are the betting odds like?

Now, first things first, a site is never going to consistently offer the best betting odds. This is impossible. So, you aren’t searching for sites that always offer the best odds. Instead, you are searching for sites that offer decent odds most of the time.

Our suggestion is to look for the betting markets that you are interested in and compare the odds between multiple sites. The one with good odds most of the time is where you want to be splashing your cash.

Do they have the betting markets you want?

Betting markets are the ways that you want to be betting. We will talk about betting markets soon. However, betting markets can include winners of matches, goalscorers, tournament winners, and even event betting in Maryland.

What is the site’s reputation?

Always do your research into any site that offers FIFA World Cup betting in Maryland. First, check that they are legally allowed to operate in the state. Then, make sure that customers haven’t had a huge number of issues with them in the past. The more effort you put in, the more likely you are to find a site that you are going to enjoy gambling at.

Do they offer live betting?

This probably isn’t going to be for everybody. However, some people bet on live matches. It just adds a bit more spice into the game. The game is an incredibly tactical sport, so it is nice to watch a match and predict how it will go.

Do they offer a mobile gambling experience?

Even if you do not plan to gamble with your mobile device, we still suggest that you look for sportsbooks with a mobile betting experience. These sites tend to care about their customers a bit more. This is because they have invested heavily into the tech. But, of course, it is still going to be nice to gamble a little bit on the go.

Do they have sports betting bonuses available?

You want sites that offer decent bonuses for both new and returning gamblers. For example, during World Cup matches, we love sites that offer enhanced odds. It allows us to squeeze out a little bit more cash from our winning bets. However, you may prefer to find a site that offers risk-free bets or matched deposits.

Best Maryland sportsbooks for FIFA World Cup betting


As promised, we want to walk you through the best sportsbooks for World Cup gambling. These are places that have earned the right for us to gamble there. We are pretty selective when it comes to the places where we gamble.

So, if you see a site here, you know that it will be a great place to see you through the month-long tournament. In fact, you may even want to use a couple of them.

BetMGM FIFA World Cup betting

Remember what we were saying about finding a sportsbook with a good reputation? Well, BetMGM Maryland is certainly up there with reputable sportsbooks. It may even be the only one that you have heard of from this list.

Barstool for FIFA World Cup betting

This platform is a great place for international events. At the same time, many other sportsbooks in Maryland may only focus on the actual tournament. Barstool Sportsbook Maryland may even have a few World Cup qualifiers available too.

Pointsbet for FIFA World Cup bets

Pointsbet Maryland is a great place for enhanced odds, particularly during the latter stages of the World Cup. Once you start getting into the quarter-finals, the enhanced ods on Pointsbet are some of the best in the state.

Fanduel FIFA World Cup odds

Fanduel Maryland is a great place for live gamblers. So, if you find yourself in front of the TV riveted by a match between Argentina and England, head to FD and have a gamble.

Draftkings World Cup odds

Draftkings Maryland is a company that really gets things right when it comes to betting odds and markets. They always have a decent selection of betting markets available. The odds are fantastic in Maryland too.

Available betting markets for FIFA World Cup bets in MD


As we said before, betting markets are the bets available to you. While most people think of FIFA World Cup bets as being limited to choosing the winner of a game, there is so much more involved. It is going to be impossible for us to go through all available betting markets for the World Cup, but we can certainly give you an overview.

Match bets

These are all of the individual bets tied to a match. So, you may have:

  • Moneylines for choosing the winner.
  • Point spreads (sometimes called goal spreads) on betting whether a team will win by a certain amount, or in the case of the underdog, whether they will lose heavily or not.
  • Half-time and full-time bets where you can bet on the winner at half-time and at full-time.
  • Final score

You may also find prop bets which focus on anything beyond the actual score. This means the first person to score a goal. The number of shots on target. The number of yellow cards shown, etc. These are some of the more interesting and creative bets.

Future bets

Futures focus on any bet where you consider the whole tournament. The typical bet here is the winner of the tournament. However, you could bet on who qualifies from each group. For example, you can bet on the top goalscorer. You can bet on the team that scores the most goals, etc.

Parlay bets

Parlay bets are not actual betting markets. Some sportsbooks will refer to them as such, though. Parlay bets are bets with combined betting lines on them. For example, a parlay bet could be formed of the following:

  • Team to win 3-0
  • Star player to score at least one goal
  • Half-time score 1-0

In order for a bet like this to win, all of that would need to happen. Parlay bets can be risky, but they offer some of the best FIFA betting odds.

Bet smart with World Cup betting in Maryland


In this section, we want to run you through a few questions that you may want to ask yourself when you are betting on the World Cup. Of course, these are basic questions, but we feel they could lead to more sensible betting on your end.

Can you afford the bet?

A sensible gambler is the one that bets with the idea that they are going to lose everything. This is not to say that you are going to lose everything. However, it is important that you go in with this mindset.

The reason why you need to go in with this mindset is that it is easy to overspend your money with gambling. A lot of people have found themselves in a position where they have bet cash they needed for bills, etc. Don’t do that. If you are gambling money you can’t afford to lose, you shouldn’t be gambling.

Have you carried out your research?

Want to lose your bets? Bet from the heart. Want to win your bets? Bet from statistics.

Every bet that you make needs to be justifiable based upon the research that you have carried out. This means thinking about:

  • Tournament news e.g. injuries, teams not performing to par, etc.
  • What experts are saying
  • Tournament data e.g. you wouldn’t bet on a team to win 3-0 if they have never beaten a team by more than 1 goal.

Thankfully, during the World Cup, the internet is going to be rife with FIFA World Cup betting tips.

What are the betting odds like?

It is important that you check the odds of soccer betting in Maryland. Sensible gamblers will not bet on something with long odds. In your mind, it may seem like a great idea to bet on a team winning a tournament that is the universal underdog. it isn’t a sensible bet, though.

You do need to take risks while you are gambling. However, they need to be sensible risks. So before you put any cash down, consider your research. Think about whether there is an actual likelihood of that bet coming through. If there isn’t, don’t place that bet.

As you gamble more, you will start to get a feel for your own risk limits. Some gamblers like to stick with those low-risk bets, while others get a little bit crazier and choose teams or outcomes that have slight outside odds.

FAQ’s About Fifa World Cup betting Maryland

Is it legal to bet on the FIFA World Cup in Maryland?

Yes. As long as you are of legal betting age and are located within Maryland, it is legal to gamble on the FIFA World Cup. You may have to provide the sportsbook with ID, though.

Can you bet on World Cup qualifiers?

Yes. Although, this is not something all sportsbooks will offer. Most may just limit themselves to the main tournament. You may need to hunt around for a site that offers qualifiers.

Is it worth making a parlay bet on the FIFA World Cup?

Parlay bets are inherently risky. We would never spend a ton of cash on them. However, they can be worth placing a couple of dollars on if you have done your research.

When is the best time to bet on the FIFA World Cup tournament winner?

For the biggest returns, the best time to bet would be before the World Cup starts. Sensible gamblers may wait until the end of the group stages, though.

Are sports betting bonuses available for the FIFA World Cup?

You will need to check the terms and conditions of the bonus. Most should be available for the World Cup markets, though.