NFL Betting Maryland

NFL fans unite! It’s NFL betting in Maryland time. But you don’t want to rush into this season blindly. Instead, use our ultimate MD football betting guide to hone your skills and win some money. We’ll look at your betting options, the best NFL sportsbooks, and some pro tips, and we’ll even answer your frequently asked questions.

Best sportsbooks for NFL Betting Maryland 2024

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NFL betting guide MD

Maryland is almost the last Mid-Atlantic state to legalize online sports betting. However, it’s still on its way to being one of the most competitive NFL markets in the industry.

You now have enough knowledge to take the betting world by storm. After all, it’s simple when you know how. Just remember to stay sober and bet smart. It’s time to unleash your betting powers and make some dollars.

Your NFL betting options Maryland


Ready to jump into the details? Let’s get started.

1. NFL Totals (Over/Under)

Totals and moneyline bets are the easiest wagers to understand. With totals, you bet on whether you think the final score will be over or under the given point number.

2. NFL Moneyline bets in MD

For a simple betting experience, you can just pick who you think will win the match. It’s worth keeping in mind that betting on the underdog will give you a much higher payout if they win. On the other hand, you will risk more money if you bet on the favorite.

3. NFL Point Spread bets Maryland

Point spreads are often referred to as lines or sides. They are the most common NFL wager.

Each game has an underdog and a favorite. They’re then given a number which is determined by the bookie. Negative numbers represent the favorite team while positives represent the underdog.

4. NFL Picks and Parlay

Placing multiple picks on the same ticket for a larger payout is known as a parlay. They are incredibly popular thanks to the massive dollar amount you can make if you win.

Although, all your bets need to hit in order for you to win any parlay money. Even if you hit 4 out of 5 of your parlay bets, you’ll still lose.

5. NFL Teasers in MD

Teasers allow you to buy additional points on a total or NFL point spread. You need to win all the events on your teaser bet to make money.

Usually, you can bet 7 and 10 teasers on as many teams as you fancy. There are plenty of NFL teaser guides out there to help you make your decision.

6. NFL Futures Maryland

With this type of bet, you will be deciding on events that could happen in the future. Often, you’ll be betting on which team will win the division or championship. The most popular one is the Super Bowl!


Ravens at +900 to win the championship. This means that if this comes true, your payout will be 9 to 1. In other words, if you bet $100 you’ll win $900.

7. NFL Halftimes and quarters

These bets allow you to wager on the point spread/total for the first or second half, or the quarters. They are pretty much the same as full game NFL picks against the spread and totals but made to fit smaller sections of the match.

8. NFL Props

Proposition or prop bets typically focus on how individual players do in-game or what events will occur at a specific time in the game.

Some example props are as follows:

  • Spread bets on first downs
  • Will a player score in the first 7 minutes?
  • Which team scores last?
  • Will they score a safety?
  • Will there be a 1-yard touchdown?
  • Who will make a longer field goal?

Best NFL sportsbooks in MD


Knowing which bet to place is one thing. But making it at the right bookies is a whole different ball game. We suggest sticking to our top 5 legal and reputable Maryland online sportsbooks below.

1. BetMGM NFL Odds

BetMGM is simplistic, appealing, and clearly keeps its users at the forefront of its design. It’s by far one of the top five sportsbooks in the state. It offers attractive promotions which both novice and professional bettors can benefit from.

Best Features at BetMGM
  • Offers a $600 risk-free bet for new users
  • Easy signup process
  • Has a mobile betting app that works on both Android and iOS
  • Competitive NFL odds
  • NFL draft betting lines for live betting

2. William Hill NFL Betting

In an industry littered with illegitimate bookies, William Hill is a breath of fresh air. While the others on our list are reputable and legitimate, this NFL sportsbook is the oldest of them all.

The website is super easy to use and allows you to manage your money while having fun.

Best Features at William Hill
  • Extremely well-known with a great reputation
  • Exceptional range of betting options
  • Great rewards and promotion offers
  • Provides a $500 risk-free first bet

3. FanDuel NFL Sportsbook

FanDuel offers some of the best NFL bets around. If you love making prop bets, this sportsbook is the one for you. It offers a variety of propositions, including:

  • First touchdown scorer
  • Winning margin
  • Will any team score three times in a row?
  • First team to score
Best Features at Fanduel
  • Offers a risk-free bet of up to $1,000 for new bettors
  • Both traditional and creative bet options provided
  • The mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices
  • Stable service when using the app
  • Clean interface and exceptional user experience

4. DraftKings NFL Online Bets

DraftKings is one of the best all-around sports betting apps out there. In the beginning, it got some stick for offering expensive NFL betting lines. But, this comes with the territory.

The interface is clean and simple to use. The developers have ensured it doesn’t look cluttered which is usually a big problem in online betting sites.

Best Features at DraftKings
  • Fantastic mobile betting app available on both Android and iOS devices
  • Offers a $50 risk-free bet plus a $1,000 deposit match bonus for new users
  • Easy to navigate site
  • Unique sportsbook play options

5. PointsBet NFL Betting Site

This NFL sportsbook is pretty new to the industry. But don’t let its lack of experience fool you. It offers incredibly competitive odds and even provides super unique bet options for advanced players.

Best Features at Pointsbet
  • Unflappable customer service with both live chat and email
  • Visa Card, Mastercard, wire transfer, and ACH transfer payment options
  • iOS and Android app
  • Traditional and unique betting options
  • Easy signup process
  • 2 risk-free bets up to $2,000 for new users

NFL Betting Maryland: Insider secrets

Now you know which bet choices you like and sportsbook to pick, it’s time to work on enhancing your NFL betting strategies. Keep these pro tips in mind this season:

  • Home-Field advantage is important — Research the team’s home-field advantage before placing your bets. Some teams travel better than others.
  • Look at the individual players — Even though football is a team sport, individual player matchups can change the entire outcome. Understand weak offensive to strong defensive players. Keep the coaches’ strategies in mind too.
  • Monitor lines — Don’t just focus on game-day NFL lines. You may find that some sportsbooks have better odds earlier in the week.
  • Diversify — Gain maximum profits by alternating the types of bets you place. It pays to step outside your comfort zone sometimes.

FAQ’s About NFL Betting in MD

What is the best strategy to use in order to win when NFL betting in Maryland?

To put it simply, the best strategy is to look for value and to always stay sober when placing your bets. The internet has multiple resources where you can find information on advanced strategies and metrics to use.

Is it legal to bet real money on the NFL in Maryland?

It is legal to bet real money on the NFL in the state of Maryland. The bill was passed on the 18th of May 2021. It often takes time for bills to come into effect but Governor Larry Hogan signed it off as an emergency to ensure it passed before the NFL season.

Can you put a parlay across numerous NFL bets?

Absolutely! You can put parlays on multiple bets. They increase the payout potential dramatically. This type of betting is incredibly common in the NFL MD betting scene.

Can NFL players bet on Football games?

In a word, no. NFL players can’t bet on the games since they would have a huge advantage. Tough punishments are placed on players who put wagers on NFL games. In some cases, the player will be banned.

When is the peak of the NFL betting season?

It’s usually at its height during the season and post-season. However, it tends to reach its culmination at the Super Bowl. You can also get involved with futures. These are riskier, but it allows you to keep the fun going all year round.