NBA Betting in Maryland

A Beginners Guide to NBA Betting in Maryland More people are looking to get into NBA betting in Maryland than ever before! NBA is perfect for folks that love to bet on sports. The action is fast-paced, the games are usually pretty high-scoring, and NBA teams are (generally) pretty closely matched up against one another – opening up plenty of opportunities to cash in on NBA picks and NBA odds.

Best sportsbooks for NBA Betting in Maryland 2024

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Learn the ins and outs of NBA betting MD

Not everyone understands the “ins and outs” of NBA betting lines-, how to analyze NBA predictions or how to sift through NBA expert picks that may or may not point you in the right direction. By the time you finish this beginner’s guide to NBA betting in Maryland, though, you won’t have that trouble anymore!

Start with the right NBA sportsbook

The first thing you need to square away when getting ready to do some NBA betting is finding the right sportsbook. You’re going to be swimming in options these days, which is definitely better than having no options at all – but it still can be pretty overwhelming. Use these tips and tricks to help find the right Maryland online sportsbooks to move forward with.

Reputation matters

Reputation is everything in the sports betting world.

And we’re not just talking about the reputation that a platform has throughout the sports betting industry. Instead, we are talking about how players feel about different bookies, how they feel about the NBA picks and parlays they offer, and how they feel about the NBA spreads and NBA betting trends that different platforms focus on compared to others.

Do your research to find reputable platforms to kick things off.

Easy banking

The banking system that platforms use is a huge piece of the puzzle, too.

Obviously, you’ll need to find bookies that offer safe and secure banking systems, but you also need to be sure that they let you get money into – and, maybe even more importantly, out of – your account the way that you want to.

Look for platforms that let you use major debit and credit cards, bank accounts, and online payment platforms like PayPal to simplify things significantly.

Good bonuses

Great Maryland sports betting sites for NBA betting in Maryland always offer good bonuses for the new account holders as well as deposit bonuses for those looking to maximize their NBA “war chest.”

Have a look at the kinds of Maryland bonuses and promos different books offer new accounts as well as the kinds of deals they offer throughout the year to make sure this is where you want to call home.

Great NBA odds and lines

Lastly, it’s really important to find a platform for NBA betting that has competitive odds and competitive lines available all the time.

Platforms that offer great Maryland basketball betting tips shine a light on important NBA betting trends and offer all kinds of wager opportunities pale in comparison to those that have competitive odds and lines on every game.

Five of Our Favorite Picks

  • BetMGM Maryland – One of the foremost online sportsbooks in the industry today, it’s tough to go wrong creating an account for NBA betting in Maryland on the MGM platform. Easy use, easy to bank with, and with great odds and lines, this is perfect for beginners and veterans players alike.
  • PointsBet Maryland – If betting opportunities and wager varieties are important, then PointsBet is the place to be! With an almost unlimited amount of NBA betting options available to pick and choose from, including live betting action, plenty of people love the PointsBet platform in Maryland.
  • DraftKings Maryland – DraftKings started off as a Daily Fantasy Sports platform but has really grown into their own as a more traditional sportsbook. Today they offer some of the best NBA betting picks, NBA betting predictions, and NBA lines in the business.
  • BetRivers Maryland – They continues to innovate with different pics, different lines, and different spreads that they make available – as well as some of the most unique NBA player props you’ll find anywhere.
  • Barstool Sportsbook Maryland – The NBA picks and parlays offered at the platform are always really well done, but it’s the community and chance to make the same kinds of wagers that Portnoy himself makes that draws people to this book all the time. The competitive odds, fast payouts, and smooth banking experience help, too.

Understanding NBA betting lines

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of better understanding NBA lines, picks, and parlays.

Pick the winner with Moneylines

Picking NBA moneylines is really pretty easy, especially since you’re really only having to decide who you think will win the upcoming game. There’s not a lot of extra thought that needs to go into these kinds of wagers, making them ideal for newbies looking to do some NBA betting in Maryland.

As an example, let’s say that you see a moneyline like this:

  • Washington Wizards -130
  • Chicago Bulls +140

This lets you know that the Wizards are the favorite and that for every $10 you want to win, you have to risk $13 of your own money. On the flip side, if you bet that the Bulls would win, every $10 that you bet, you’d be able to win $14.

Betting the Spread in the NBA

The point spread is super popular in the NBA, as it essentially levels the playing field between two different teams and really creates a bit of a “pick ’em” kind of situation.

Each individual oddsmaker analyzes the teams, how they stack up against one another, and a whole host of other factors and then tries to determine which team is going to win and by how many points.

Using the example highlighted above, let’s say that you see a spread like this:

  • Wizards -2.5
  • Bulls +2.5

This lets you know that the Wizards are once again the favorite, but they are a 2.5 point favorite. To “cover the spread,” the Wizards are going to have to both win the game and win by at least three points or more.

On the flip side, all the Bulls have to do is either win the game outright or lose by two points or less. So as long as that happens, they would cover the spread.

Totals are Popular NBA Bets, Too

Totals (sometimes called over/under wagers) are another easy way to get in on NBA betting in Maryland action.

The sportsbook measures up the two teams that are playing against one another to try to figure out how many points will be scored by both teams combined and then settle on a final number. Wizards and Bulls – 210.5

Anyone betting the “over” would win their wager if both teams combined to score 211 points or more. Anyone betting the “under” would take home the money if both teams combined to score 210 points or less.

Parlays, Props, and Future Action

There are other kinds of NBA betting action available as well, including parlays, props, and futures. Let’s start with parlays.

To create a parlay bet, a player essentially has to combine multiple different wagers together into a sort of “super bet.” For example, let’s say that someone wants to bet that the Wizards are going to come out on top of the moneyline and that they are going to cover the -2.5 point spread.

That would become a parlay if both of those wagers were combined with one another. Now both of those bets have to come true to win! The risk is a little higher, but the payoffs are usually higher, too. NBA player props almost always revolve around specific situations and scenarios that can happen during a game.

You might bet that Lebron James will score a certain amount of points, that Jason Tatum is going to have a certain amount of rebounds, or that one team or the other will be the first to score 20 points. There are nearly unlimited player prop options available, even in the middle of a game!

Futures round out the kind of NBA picks you’re usually going to be able to sift through, and they have to deal with what’s going to happen in the future of the league (no surprise there).

Popular futures include which teams are going to win different divisions and conferences, which teams are going to make the playoffs, which teams are going to win the championship during a specific year, and even which college players are going to go first overall during the upcoming NBA draft.

FAQ’s About NBA Betting in Maryland

Should I register on one MD sportsbook or a couple?

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with finding one sportsbook to act as a “home base” for NBA betting in Maryland, it’s never a bad idea to have an account on a couple of different sportsbooks at the end of the day. This lets you “shop NBA odds” across different books for different games, different picks, and different prop bets to find the kinds of wagers that best suit you.

Is betting the spread in NBA worthwhile?

Betting the spread is incredibly popular in NBA for a reason! It’s really easy to get into, the payoffs are usually pretty decent, and it’s not a hard line to sit and analyze. These are newbie-friendly and perfect for veteran sports bettors alike.

Are all lines and odds the same from book to book in MD?

Absolutely not! While most of the reputable online sportsbooks operating in Maryland have similar odds to one another, there’s usually no such thing as “universal odds” – even coming out of Vegas! This is why it’s so valuable to have multiple accounts so that you can shop the best NBA betting lines to find ones that fit perfectly for you.

Can I bet and win real money legally in Maryland?

You sure can! There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever you aren’t going to be able to bet (and win) real money legally in the state of Maryland!

How do I get my winnings from my account in MD?

Each online sportsbook will have different systems and procedures for getting your winnings out of your account and into your bank. Most are going to let you pull your money out in a variety of ways, though, including direct bank transfers, electronic checks, through payment processors, and even via prepaid debit cards.