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Tennis Betting in Maryland

Tennis fans, today is the day you’re going to learn how to properly bet on tennis. Whether you’ve been placing bets willy-nilly for a while or you’re just starting out, this how-to guide will up your game in a few simple steps, when you’re tennis betting in Maryland.

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Tennis betting overview – MD

In this guide to Tennis betting and tennis bets, we’ll lead you through all the basics needed for placing a winning wager. The different odds available as well as the top sportsbooks and what they have to offer.

Best Tennis sportsbooks odds MD


We won’t leave you without a starting point. But, unfortunately, there are far too many sportsbooks to wade through these days. So we’ve compiled our top 5 list right here, for the best Maryland sportsbooks.

#1 Fanduel Tennis odds

Thinking of betting on tennis futures? Fanduel Marlyand should be your go-to. With a user-friendly interface, you can’t really go wrong with this sportsbook.

#2 Pointsbet Tennis lines

Pointsbet Maryland comes with a fantastic variety of markets and a great daily betting menu. They are famous for their moneyline wagers and substantial welcome bonus.

#3 Draftkings Tennis bets

Draftkings sportsbook MD is the G.O.A.T. It’s made a near-perfect reputation for itself thanks to its navigable interface, simple layout, great mobile, and fab bonuses.

#4 Barstool Tennis Sportsbook

The streamlined, responsive mobile app and number of tennis betting lines make Barstool Sportsbook MD an all-around wonderful sportsbook.

#5 BetMGM Tennis wagers

Anything with the MGM name tag is bound to be exceptional. BetMGM Maryland is super competitive and known for providing fast, reliable payouts. The best bit? Speedy e-verification when you sign up!

How to pick your MD Tennis sportsbook


First thing’s first, you need to pick your sportsbooks. We recommend checking the following aspects to ensure you choose only the greatest online sports betting sites in Maryland:

  1. Consider the customer service — How does the sportsbook resolve problems? Ideally, they should have a customer support phone number, email address, and FAQs section. If not, it’s a no-go. Secret: Check out independent reviews (i.e., those not on the sportsbook site). People will be delighted to tell you about any not-so-great experience(s).
  2. Consider the financials — Does the sportsbook payout quickly? Yes? Excellent! That’s what you want. On top of this, it should be easy to deposit your funds. If it’s not, the sportsbook isn’t worth your time.
  3. Consider the interface — Is the interface uncluttered and responsive? It should be! Make sure you can find the tennis betting lines you need and you’re comfortable with the setup.
  4. Consider the security measures — Can you see a padlock on the toolbar? If you can, it’s a great sign. It means the tennis betting online site is using TSL or SSL protection to keep you and your data safe.
  5. Consider the perks — Do they have a good welcome offer? Bonuses aren’t the be-all and end-all, but you certainly deserve them. Look for daily sign-in rewards, sign-up bonuses, and weekly reloads. Anything to build your bankroll!
  6. Consider the odds — Are the odds better than most? If all the sportsbooks seem equal at the moment, take note of the odds. Filter out the ones who don’t offer fab tennis betting odds. A good sportsbook needs solid odds and competitive lines.
  7. Consider the mobile app — Do they have a mobile app? If you won’t always have access to a computer/laptop/tablet when you want to place a bet, an app is a must. It seems like a no-brainer, but it can be an easy thing to forget about.

Tennis betting types – Maryland


Alright, you’ve got your top sportsbooks in mind now. Next, let’s move on to understanding the type of bets you can place.

#1 Outright winner bets

Also known as a “to win” bet or moneyline bet, it’s a brilliant place for rookie tennis bettors. If you think Federer is going to win the tournament, place a wager on him. If he wins, you win too!

You can access betting odds on every player before a large tournament begins. Usually, your winnings will be larger than your initial bet figure (odds at +200, for example).

#2 Match betting

Match betting is akin to outright winner bets. However, you pick the winner of a match instead of the whole tournament.

Favorites tend to pay out less than even money, and the underdog will pay out more. But keep an eye on the odds! They can change rather swiftly, opening value in areas you weren’t expecting.

#3 Handicap betting

If you want to bet on somebody you think will lose, try handicap wagering. Your money can go on a player you believe will do better than expected but still lose overall.

For example, Andy Murray is the favorite in his match (-2.5). He’s expected to win by 2.5 games. On the other hand, his opponent, Roger Federer, is expected to lose by 2.5 games. As long as the player outperforms this prediction, you’ll win your bet.

#4 Over/Under betting

An over/under bet allows you to wager on how many sets it will take to finish the match. You don’t pick a winner here. Instead, you’re choosing the duration of the match.

If you think it will end in straight sets, bet on under 2.5 sets. If you think it will take 3 sets, bet on over 2.5 sets.

#5 Exact score betting

Are you a tennis whiz? Then, exact score betting is for you! Intimate knowledge of the game and stats is definitely needed here.

To win, you need to predict the exact number of sets won by each player. Yup, it’s a hard one to get right. But when you do, it’s a pretty sweet payday (as you might imagine!).

Tennis betting pro tips – MD


We have 10 tips to improve your tennis betting picks. Then, maximize your profits by following the advice from the experts themselves.

  1. Historical bias is a thing — Murray may have won last week, but that doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed a win this week. Analyze the stats and bet smartly. Don’t just guess based on the week before.
  2. Seriously, bet on the underdog — Everyone adores an underdog story — and there’s a reason for it. It can boost your betting profitability.
  3. Bet with your brain — Staying sober is a must when you’re trying to make a profit. Inebriated minds don’t make smart decisions. It’s a sure-fire way to lose your cash.
  4. Conduct form study — Form study is great. It’s a necessary part of stats analysis. But be wary of how far back you go. A 3-year losing streak in a certain tournament might be irrelevant now. It’s up to you to decide.
  5. Brush up on serves and returns — A weak serve can greatly affect the player’s win/lose outcome. Understanding how they fare against their matchup is a good idea too.
  6. Don’t always follow the crowd — People have their favorites. But this can cause many to lose their bets. Don’t just follow the crowd. It’s much better to bet on the underdog and come out victorious.
  7. Find value — Never bet for the sake of it. Find value and make precise wagers. Don’t risk it all for something you’re uncertain about.
  8. Rookie? Keep it simple — Accumulators are fun. We won’t deny that. But as a beginner, you’re better off learning the basics of moneylines and game spreads before venturing into the big wide betting world.
  9. Find a tipster you respect — Do your research and find a pro bettor specializing in a different area to you. Then, follow their guidance. You’ll be surprised how much they can increase your win potential.
  10. Consider the court surface — Clay, hard, and grass courts offer very different problems. And players perform better or worse on each depending on their familiarity. Plus, certain surfaces increase the chance of injury. All things to take into account before wagering.

The bottom line Tennis betting Maryland

Tennis betting is easy when you know-how. Just bet with your head, stay sober, and keep favoritism at bay and you’re bound to make a killing.

Get ready to own this tennis season.

FAQ’s About Tennis Betting in Maryland

Where does Maryland tennis betting revenue go?

Maryland sports betting revenue goes toward public education. Amazingly, it may put around $20 million extra into the state each year.

Is it legal and safe with tennis betting in Maryland?

Yep. You can legally and safely bet on tennis in Maryland thanks to Gov. Larry Hogan, who signed the bill into immediate effect on the 18th of May 2021.

Can a tennis match end in a draw?

No. Ending in a draw is impossible. If the scores are level, a tiebreaker is played. The player needs a 2-point lead to win the match.

Is there a time limit in tennis?

The official ITF Rules of Tennis places a 20 second time limit on points. In other words, players can take a maximum of 20 seconds between points.

Where does the scoring system in tennis originate from?

The 15, 30, 40 scores are said to originate in medieval France. A clock face was possibly used on the court. A quarter move indicated 15, 30, and 40. When it reaches 60, the game is over.