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Football Betting in Maryland

What is almost just as exciting as playing football? Betting on it. Here you will find a collection of resources to make sure your experience with football betting in Maryland goes seamlessly, including:

  • Basic football betting tips to get you started
  • Definitions of each of the betting types
  • The best football betting site

Best sportsbooks for Football Betting in Maryland 2024

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Overview of Football betting in MD

After reading through this guide, you will be ready to jump in because you understand all the basics and already know which Maryland online football betting will work best for you. So read on to be one step closer to winning big.

Football betting in Maryland is only exciting when it isn’t using you to mop the floor, so make sure you pay attention to what we suggested in this article. Familiarize yourself with the game and pick one or two Maryland sports betting sites to place bets on. Give your confidence time to grow.

Online Football Betting in Maryland


BetMGM Football odds

Welcome Bonus: Risk-free bet up to $600. If you are thinking MGM like the movies–yes, but no. BetMGM Maryland is the product of MGM Resorts International and Entain holdings coming together with a drive to create a better experience.

And they have done that. Their website and their app are easy to navigate. Placing bets is simple. They even tell you how much you can win from the bet you are placing, which is a gamechanger for someone who is just getting started with football betting. Overall, they have brought a luxury experience to the palm of your hand.

DraftKings Football betting

Welcome Bonus: Risk-free bet up to $500 If you value speed over aesthetics, then you should go with DraftKings Maryland. They are the best sportsbook out there for pushing out live updates and reporting on statistics.

They are also a great choice for beginners because they have a section specifically for statistics that you can thumb through. This cuts down the amount of time and effort you have to spend searching for these numbers.

What is DraftKings bad for? Moneylines and spreads. While they have great pricing on multiple-choice bets like teasers or parlays, the basic lines and spreads are a bit mediocre with their payouts.

However, they are notorious for running promotions. These can easily double or triple your winnings, and that can make those parlays an even bigger win.

FanDuel Football odds

Welcome Bonus: Risk-free bet up to $1,000 FanDuel Maryland is known for its fast processing. Bets do not just sit around after you submit them; they’re live moments after.

They are also a great choice if you like the exotic bets. Props and futures have better rates here, with extra offers for the Super Bowl bets you need. FanDuel has a clean interface that is easy for every bettor to navigate.

PointsBet Football wagers

Welcome Bonus: Two risk-free bets (Fixed odds up to $500 and Points Betting up to $1,500)

As you have already seen in the welcome bonus, Pointsbet has its own type of betting called Points betting. A points bet rewards you based on how close your bet is to the result. This may seem simple, but the more you put it into practice, you will find out it requires a specific set of skills to finesse.

Apart from that, PointsBet Maryland has pricing that is competitive overall. There is not really one type of betting that stands out or falls short.

If you are the type to have buyer’s remorse, they do offer bet cancellation, though you need to get on the phone with them within fifteen minutes of placing the bet. Even then, it is not guaranteed, but this is a feature that not many football sportsbooks offer.

Basic Football betting tips to get you started in Maryland


These tips alone will not make you the most successful bettor, but refusing to adhere to them can vanquish those dreams in just a few games. The advice we give is generic enough that it can be applied to any situation and simple enough that you can start working on them right away.

Whether your interest in football gambling in Maryland is as a hobbyist or it comes from a deep root of sincerity, these five tips should be cornerstones for your habits. This is something to have in mind when you’re betting on the NFL in Maryland.

Budget your bankroll

Betting should not be treated as a frivolous affair. However, we do acknowledge that it can be addicting, and that makes it dangerous. Setting a budget helps to ensure that the funds you need for day-to-day life remain untouched as you place your bets.

To do this, you should first determine how much money you can afford to set aside for football betting. This should be an amount that could disappear from your account without affecting your life in any way (apart from betting, of course).

You can split this amount up into your sportsbook accounts and proceed from there. It is a good idea to also budget your betting per week or per game so you can ensure it will last you the season. You should also determine how much of your winnings you will invest back into betting.

By budgeting your bankroll, you set your finances up in a way that does not back you into a corner. But, unfortunately, when you start betting money that you cannot afford to lose, it puts you in a position to bet rashly, ignoring logic in a fervent attempt to get your money back.

Educate yourself

We already mentioned handicapping. This is where it comes into play. Because football betting is better done when you consider probabilities over luck, putting as much football knowledge into your mind is the best way to improve your chances of winning.

This is what separates hobbyists from those serious about winning, and the proof is evident in how many bets pay off.

It should also be noted that paying attention to only your favorite team is not enough. So on top of learning statistics for every player on the Baltimore Ravens, you should commit time and effort to stay up to date with as many teams as you can.

You can do this by:

  • Watching games
  • Listening to recaps
  • Going over highlights
  • Deep diving into player histories

You never know when a decision can come down to minute detail, so knowing as much as possible is the work you do in hopes that it will pay off. Odds are you are doing this anyway, so just take the extra step to be intentional about it.

Understand what influences situations

It is not enough to just know your numbers. You need to be able to apply them. Understand how an injury can affect a player’s performance (some injuries do not matter at all). Look for how teams interact with each other, whether they present a serious offensive threat or a scattered one.

Things like coaching style and even the personal motivation in each player can make a big difference in what happens in a game. Having a schedule where the games are back to back tires players out, but having too much of a break between games can throw them off.

The little details and how they interact are even more of a determinate than the numbers themself.

Practice prediction of outcomes

You do not have to put money on every prediction, especially if you cannot afford to. However, this does not mean you can’t make those predictions. Try to keep track of what predictions you believe in, along with why. This will help you find out your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to betting.

Head over heart (but not always over gut)

This is a rule. You should bet based on what you have fed your brain. This is the best way to make informed decisions, also when you’re betting on the NCAAF in Maryland.

When you include your heart in football betting, you scatter things. At that point, you are betting on what you hope will happen, not what you believe will happen, based on as much context as you can gather.

You should also distinguish when it is your heart speaking and your gut speaking. Your heart will side with things that align with your hope or personal preference. While your gut may do these things, it tends to speak the loudest when you are overlooking minute details and cannot make decisions.

Suppose you fill up on as much relevant knowledge as you can, then you are giving your gut instinct the resources to blurt out the correct answers. Should you trust it all the time? No. But every once in a while, when you cannot figure out where you should put your money is perfectly fine.

Football Betting in Maryland: Types of Bets


Football Futures

A future bet is a bit self-explanatory. They refer to placing a bet on a future event, usually something far off like the winner of the Super Bowl.

You should keep in mind that the odds for future bets in Maryland change during the course of the season. It only makes sense. If you bet that the Ravens will win the Super Bowl on opening day, you have much less information than you would halfway through the season.

Access to information lowers the stakes, so the less opportunity you have had to gather information, the more the bet can pay off. Future bets are a better option for a fun bet to hold onto your money over a period of time.

Football Prop Bets

Think of these as future bets with a shorter term. Prop bets take place in a much shorter time period, but they cover the same general ideas. Prop bets can be placed on pretty much anything related to football, but they tend to fall into three categories:

  • Yes/no outcomes
  • Two outcome possibilities
  • Multiple outcome possibilities

Again, these are more up to guesswork than what you have researched, but they are a fun option within football betting.

Football Moneylines in MD

Who will win the game? Moneylines are a very simple type of football betting, and these kinds of bets work out great for beginners. This is because they are already familiar with the style, and the odds are not too different.

This is a great choice if you have not done much research because you can just pick out the team favored to win. If you are feeling lucky, you can bet on the underdog, but that decision is best made after looking into the situation.

Over/Unders (Totals) – Football MD

In an over/under betting situation, the oddsmaker will determine a total for the game, and then you will place a bet on whether you believe the actual total will be under or over that amount.

A lot of these will be shown with an O/U that has a half-point, but this is just to get rid of the chance that the end total lands on that amount.

With an over/under bet, you aren’t even trying to determine who the winner will be. It can be harder to determine the end goal, but if you think hard enough about the interaction between offensive and defensive lines, that should make it a bit easier.

Parlays in Football betting MD

If you want to complicate things a bit, you can participate in parlays. These involve placing multiple bets on multiple games.

An easy example of this is choosing who will win in two separate games. To win the parlay, you would have to predict this correctly for both games; winning only one gets you nothing.

Parlay bets can cover more ground than just two games, but it gets pretty tricky after three. If you do manage to accurately predict a larger number of variables, however, you can win more than you ever imagined.

Football Teasers

Another form of a parlay, but this one is designed to favor the bettor. Teasers include a point spread selection or a total selection to help you out. Because these are easier to work with, you are more likely to pick the winner (but you also win less money).

Football Point Spreads

These are probably the most popular form of betting when it comes to football betting. With a points spread, the two teams are given a handicap. This is pretty much the favored team having to cover more points and the underdog needing to score fewer points.

The odds for point spreads are usually at -110, so you can easily determine how much you stand to win from the bet.

Other events to bet on in Maryland:

FAQ’s About Football Betting in Maryland

Is online football betting safe in MD?

As long as you choose a legal sportsbook, betting online is just as safe, if not safer, than betting in person. Of course, you should research any sportsbook you intend to use, but you can rest assured knowing that the sportsbooks we have mentioned have top-tier security.

What do football sportsbooks need from me to sign up in MD?

You usually need to provide two forms of identification: a photo ID and proof of address. This can be as easy as showing them your driver’s license and a utility bill.

How old do I need to be to place football bets online in MD?

You need to be at least 21 years old to place bets both online and in person.

How much of your bankroll should you put on a football bet?

In general, you do not want to bet more than 5% of your bankroll on a single bet. This is an easy rule that applies to bankrolls of all sizes.

Should I keep track of my wins and losses in MD?

Yes. This helps you see where you fall short, and it is essential for the basic maintenance and management of your bankroll. You should not count on a sportsbook to keep track of you. Creating a spreadsheet can be easy and effective.