NCAAB Betting Maryland

If you want to increase the fun in the NCAAB, placing bets on a game adds a lot of excitement. All the different wagers can leave a new bettor feeling overwhelmed at first glance. That is why we decided to make this guide. We’re going to go over the different NCAAB betting lines in Maryland and how to place wagers. This way, when you join a sportsbook you will be prepared.

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Guide to NCAAB betting

If you’re of legal age to place bets in Maryland, NCAAB betting lines add more excitement to any college  game. To have the best betting experience, we recommend joining more than one sportsbook so you have the opportunity to compare odds. When you’re prepared, you could see a lot of value in your sportsbook for NCAAB betting.

Top 5 sportsbooks for NCAAB Betting in Maryland


Coming this far you’re probably interested in which Maryland sportsbooks are worth checking out. We know there is a lot of tough competition, but we have narrowed it down to the 5 most reliable betting sites with the highest odds. Get your wagers ready and check out these Maryland sports betting sites:

  1. Fanduel NCAAB: Up-to-date technology that makes their mobile app run just as smoothly as their desktop site. Plenty of NCAAB betting lines in their wide market with many high-value promotional offers.
  2. BetMGM NCAAB: This sportsbook is a section of the world-famous MGM franchise, which is very trustworthy. A competitive betting site with some of the highest odds in Maryland.
  3. Pointsbet NCAAB: Many players have been able to increase their odds immensely with their unique betting style. One of the most attractive dual welcome bonus offers.
  4. Barstool Sportsbook NCAAB: This sportsbook is focused on helping new bettors understand the game and how to place bets. They feature plenty of articles and videos on NCAAB.
  5. DraftKings NCAAB: Attractive promotional offers for new and existing members to increase odds. This sportsbook also gives more options for lower wager bets.

Joining an NCAAB sportsbook in MD


NCAA basketball betting in Maryland is a lot of fun, once you know what you’re doing. The first thing you will need to do is join a sportsbook. Joining a sportsbook is easy, however, there are things that you will need to look out for when picking one out.

Are the betting sites legitimate?

While there are many different online sports betting sites in Maryland for college lines, not all of them are legitimate. You should never join a sportsbook that isn’t legal. A legal and licensed sportsbook will always state this information directly on their website.

Check for security

You will need to enter some personal information into a sportsbook. This means that you will need to be on guard to make sure the website is secure. This is a lot easier than it sounds. Have you ever noticed a closed padlock in the URL bar where you type the website’s address? If a closed lock symbol is present, it means the site is secure.

Customer support

You never know when you are going to run into an issue with your sportsbook. In case you make a mistake or have any other problems, you’ll likely want to resolve them as soon as possible. Many sportsbooks have customer support teams readily available, which is definitely a feature worth looking for.

Banking methods

There are many different options when it comes to making deposits and accepting your withdrawals. However, some sportsbooks are limited to which methods they offer. Always check before joining to make sure the sportsbook will accept the banking method you plan on using.

Need to know – NCAAB Betting in Maryland


Now that you know what to look for in a sportsbook and some of the best in Maryland, it’s time to discuss placing bets. Before we get into the different types of bets you can place on college games, you should understand how the odds work. Every team has different odds and they are determined by how they place throughout the seasons.

You will notice odds changing frequently throughout the season. When two teams play against each other, one will be the favorite and the other is the underdog. The favorite team has better statistics and is more likely to win.

That means they aren’t a risky bet so the odds won’t be as high. There’s more risk around the underdog, so the odds will be better with a higher payout. Now that we’ve explained how odds work, let’s take a look at the different NCAAB betting lines to choose from:

NCAAB Moneylines

This is the easiest type of bet to place. Before the game starts, you place a wager on which team you predict will win. At the end of the game, if the team you chose won, you will win the bet. Nothing else will affect the outcome of moneyline bets.

Point Spreads on the NCAAB

Point spreads are when you bet on a team to win and the number of points they will win by. The team must score what you guessed or higher to win this bet. You don’t predict their final score, simply how many points you think they will be the other team by. If the team you chose won but by fewer points than you guessed, you’ll lose the bet.

Totals on NCAAB

Instead of betting on a winning team, totals allow people to wager on the total score. The sportsbook will predict a final outcome for the game, which will be the two teams’ scores combined. The bettors will then wager whether they think the total will be higher or lower than the sportsbook’s estimate.

Live Betting on NCAAB MD

Many sportsbooks offer live betting in Maryland to their members. If a game has already started and a member didn’t get their bets in, they can put a single game bet using this feature. This technology allows everyone to get their bets in.

Parlays – NCAAB Maryland

College ball picks and parlays are a trickier style of bet. This risky style does have a high payout when it’s done correctly. Betters can place more than one wager on a single bet, and each wager is called a leg. In order to win a parlay, the bettor must have predicted every leg correctly.

Futures on College Bball

At any point throughout the season, you may place a futures wager. This advanced bet allows you to predict which team you think will win the finals. The earlier you get your bets in, the higher the odds will be. This is because there is less information available towards the beginning of the season.


Brackets is a type of pool betting. Players will fill out a 63-game bracket and submit it back to the sportsbook to participate.. At the end of the season, the bracket winners will get to split the prize.

FAQ’s About NCAAB Betting Maryland

Is it better to use multiple sportsbooks for NCAAB betting in Maryland?

The reason we recommend signing up to multiple sportsbooks is that they all have different odds and the odds are always changing. For one game you may find that Pointsbet has the best odds, but DraftKings may be the better choice for the next game. All of them have many different promotional offers and odds boosts that frequently change.

Will I need an ID to join a Maryland sportsbook?

Every sportsbook will have a different verification method. In most cases, you will not need a photo ID. However, you may need to enter your social security number. Other information you may need to give is your name, email, and birthdate. You will also need to give at least one piece of banking information to make deposits and receive your winnings.

What is the best NCAAB betting advice for new bettors?

You may feel overwhelmed trying to make predictions if you are unfamiliar with how the teams play. It helps to make accurate bets if you understand how particular teams play on the court. We recommend choosing two teams to follow throughout the season. Focus on how they play and you’ll likely notice patterns that can help you make predictions in the future.

What happens if I want to make a bet when I’m out of state?

One rule about all legal Maryland sportsbooks is that members can only place bets when they are in the state of Maryland. If there is a game that you want to bet on while you’re traveling, you will need to join a sportsbook in that state.

Where can I find the best offers for NCAAB betting in Maryland?

This is another reason why you should join multiple sportsbooks. The offers are always changing, and this way you can take advantage of all of them. Some of the best welcome bonuses that new members see value in are risk-free bet offers and deposit matching. A lot of sportsbooks even have daily odds boosters among other promotions for existing members.