Sugar Bowl betting Maryland

Sugar Bowl betting Maryland is a great way to spend your January 1st on. Betting on one of the oldest college football title games in the country can even be profitable if you know what to look for. In this guide on Sugar Bowl betting in MD, you’ll learn about the different bets. The best sportsbooks, odds, and bonuses available for the event.

Best sportsbooks for Sugar Bowl betting Maryland 2024

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Guide to Sugar Bowl betting MD

College teams have been squaring off against one another for the Sugar Bowl championship since 1935. Traditionally played on or around New Year’s Day and always played in Louisiana, and there’s a lot of history created by the Sugar Bowl.

A big part of the new college playoff schedule to decide who gets crowned the National Champion each year. The Sugar Bowl has (understandably) attracted a lot of attention from folks excited about sports betting.

If you are looking for some simple secrets that can help you make smarter bets on the Sugar Bowl, you’ve come to the right place!

Find a great sportsbook in MD with Sugar Bowl odds


The first hint we can help you with is to break down the actual value of finding a great Sugar Bowl sportsbook in MD to get started with.

Sure, a lot of Maryland online sportsbooks are going to promise you the moon and the stars when it comes to Sugar Bowl betting odds and Sugar Bowl betting line action. But unless you are signed up with a genuine top-of-the-line sportsbook. The odds are pretty good you’ll be left a little wanting from experience.

Here’s how to find a great sportsbook to get started with.

Read reviews

The internet has really leveled the playing field for finding excellent services and businesses to work with. Finding fantastic Sugar Bowl and NCAA football betting platforms is a whole lot easier when you read a bunch of reviews before signing up.

Compare Sugar Bowl MD betting lines

It’s a big mistake to think that every sportsbook out there has identical Sugar Bowl betting lines. Nothing could be further from the truth! Shop around to compare Sugar Bowl betting line action to find sportsbooks more in line with what you’re looking to do from a betting standpoint.

Confirm banking options

Not every Sugar Bowl betting Maryland platform is going to let you deposit or withdrawal money the way you would like to. The banking setup of these platforms is definitely something that you have to focus on.

There’s zero fun in winning a big Sugar Bowl wager but not being able to get the money into your account as quickly (or as safely) as you had hoped you’d be able to.

Check out the mobile interface

Mobile interfaces can make or break a Sugar Bowl sportsbook. If you want to be able to get wagers in from your phone this is an absolute priority.

Best Sugar Bowl Sportsbooks Maryland


BetMGM MD Sugar Bowl odds – Run by MGM, trustworthy sportsbook, great banking options, solid and competitive Sugar Bowl odds

PointsBet Maryland Sugar Bowl picks – Lots of variety for Sugar Bowl picks, fast banking set up, generous deposit bonuses.

DraftKings MD Sugar Bowl lines – Built with mobile in mind first and foremost, really easy to use, safe, and secure with competitive Sugar Bowl lines.

FanDuel Maryland Sugar Bowl action – Low betting minimums are perfect for newbies, parlay action is easy to build on FanDuel, lots of Sugar Bowl pick tips from experts.

Barstool Sportsbook MD Sugar Bowl betting – The only sportsbook with active Barstool celebrities and personalities, competitive Sugar Bowl betting line options, generous $1000 positive match.

Options for betting on the Sugar Bowl in MD


Sugar Bowl Moneylines

The Moneyline is probably the easiest of all the ways to do a bit of Sugar Bowl betting since all you really have to do is pick who you think is going to win this game.

As a quick example, you might see a moneyline that looks something like this for the upcoming Sugar Bowl:

  • Alabama -200
  • USC +150

This kind of line would tell you that Alabama is the favorite and that USC is a relatively competitive underdog.

Sugar Bowl Totals bets

Totals bets basically let you pick an over or an under for various things. Usually the total score of the game when you add up points from both teams.

Using the example above, you might have something that looks like this:

Alabama and USC at 55.5

This lets you know that the Sugar Bowl oddsmakers believe that 55 points or so will be scored during this game between both teams. And they are giving you the option to bet on whether there will be more than 55 points scored or less scored.

If the total score goes over 55, those that bet the over win. If the total score is under 55, those that bet the under are going home with the money.

Sugar Bowl Point Spread action

Betting the spread is always a popular wager to make in football betting in Maryland (college as well as the professional level). This is because you’re betting not only on who you think will win or lose the game but also by how many points.

If the spread is Alabama -2.5 and USC +2.5. You would need Alabama to win the game by three points or more to cover the spread to collect your winnings. USC could win the game outright or lose by two points or less to cover the spread as well.

Sugar Bowl Props

Prop bets are pretty popular Sugar Bowl pick options as well. Usually a little more fun than traditional wagers and adding a bit more variety to the kinds of bets you’re used to seeing on Sugar Bowl betting Maryland platforms.

Prop bets might include:

  • Will the coin toss be heads or tails?
  • Will the coin toss winner choose to kick or receive?
  • Which team will score the first points of the game?
  • Which team will have a turnover first?

That’s the kind of action you can expect to get when you are doing a bit of Sugar Bowl prop betting.

Parlays – Sugar Bowl

The easiest way to think of parlays from a Sugar Bowl betting standpoint is thinking about ways to combine different bets together into a “super wager”.

The tricky thing here, of course, is that all of these parlay wagers need to come from the same game you’re betting on, the Sugar Bowl, after all!

Usually, this means combining Moneyline, spread, and totals wagers, but it can also involve pulling in prop bets as well.

You increase your risk with parlay bets (because every parlay needs to hit for you to win). But you also often dramatically increase your potential payout too.

Sugar Bowl Futures

Futures bets are a bit risky when it comes to the Sugar Bowl. If only because the college football season is unpredictable.

Sure, it feels like Alabama is there at the end every year. But you never really know who’s going to break out during the college season – especially not a year (or more) later down the line.

Even still, if you’re feeling frisky. There’s nothing wrong with getting in a Sugar Bowl pick for the future that might pay out in a really big way.

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FAQ’s About Sugar Bowl betting Maryland

Can I legally bet on the Sugar Bowl in Maryland?

Betting on the Sugar Bowl in the state of Maryland is completely and totally legal. The US Supreme Court gave the green light to sports betting back in 2018. And Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed legislation into law during 2020 that make sure Maryland citizens could get into online sports betting, too.

When is the Sugar Bowl held?

The Sugar Bowl is always held in the first week of January (usually on New Year’s Day).

Do the same teams play in the Sugar Bowl every year?

Not at all! Different teams play in the Sugar Bowl all the time (almost every year, in fact). However, the one main constant is that there is almost always a team from the SEC involved in the Sugar Bowl contest. So that might be something to keep in your back pocket when you are looking to make a Sugar Bowl pick and aren’t sure of which team to lean towards.

Is the Sugar Bowl the same as the National Championship Game?

Before the College Football Playoff was instituted, the Sugar Bowl would rotate in with other games to be the national championship game. However, now that the CFP is going on, the national title game is completely separate, and the Sugar Bowl is one of the semi-final games to decide who goes on to that final contest.

How do I get my winnings from my sportsbook account?

Getting your money out of your sportsbook account and into your bank account is usually a pretty painless process regardless of the Sugar Bowl betting Maryland platform you’ve decided to sign up for. Different platforms offer different ways to get your money out of your sportsbook account.