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Motorsports Betting in Maryland

If you plan to start Motorsports betting in Maryland anytime in the near future, this is for you. Knowing things like the different betting types, basic tips, and best places to place bets will get you started the right way (which hopefully means you win more than you lose). Ready to jump in? A quick read-through will get you well on your way.

Best sportsbooks for Motorsports Betting in Maryland 2024

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Betfred Motorsports Betting in Maryland Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now
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Motorsports betting overview MD

Motorsports are already chock full of adrenaline, but you now have the knowledge to add a bit more edge to those races. Picking the best betting types and sportsbooks will provide a firm foundation while you are Motorsports betting in Maryland, and listening to our simple rules will ensure the cash flow is heading in your direction.

Best sportsbooks for Motorsports betting in Maryland

FanDuel Motosport odds

They have fast processing times and offer some of the best prices for prop and future bets. Keeping FanDuel as an option for these two factors alone is a great idea that can help you round out your betting pool.

FanDuel has a welcome bonus that allows you one risk-free bet up to $1,000.

BetMGM Motorsport lines

BetMGM’s best selling point for those getting started with online gambling in Maryland is their potential payout calculator. If you have no experience betting, then this will help you get a handle on the value of different bets, saving you time and probably some money.

Their welcome bonus allows one risk-free bet up to $600.

PointsBet Motor sport betting

If you are looking for a unique experience, you might want to try PointsBet. They have their own style of betting (points betting) that rewards or penalizes you depending on your proximity to the actual results of the bet.

PointsBet has two welcome bonuses. First, for fixed odds, you get a $500 risk-free bet, and then you get a $1,500 risk-free bet for points betting.

DraftKings Motorsports odds

DraftKings sets bettors up for success by housing stats and live updates on their page. While they are not the best option moneylines, DraftKings makes up for it by rotating through bonuses often.

This is all on top of their welcome bonus of $500.

Barstool Motor Sportsbook

Barstool has a well-developed app that is easy to use when placing quick bets. In addition, they have a community of Barstool personalities that add to your betting experience by providing commentary and also laying down bets of their own creation that you can wager on.

Their welcome bonus sits at one risk-free bet up to $1,000.

Types of Motorsports bets in Maryland

There are many types of bets when it comes to Motorsports, but we have outlined seven of the most popular ones to get you started.

Motorsports Moneyline

When you bet moneyline in Motorsports, you are picking who you think will win. This also happens to be a straightforward way to explain odds, so we will recap right here.

If Driver A has odds of -110 and Driver B has odds of +150, you can learn a few things from those numbers.

The lower number (-110) tells you that Driver A is favored to win. The negative sign communicates that in order to win $100 by betting on them, you will have to wager that amount ($110).

The higher number (+150) indicates the underdog, Driver B. The positive sign lets you know how much money you stand to win by betting $100 on them ($150).

Pole Position

When you bet on pole position, you are predicting who will have the fastest qualifying time and land pole position.

These bets take place before the race (since those qualifiers must occur before the race), so you need to keep up on your research to have a chance at winning these. The research you do should consider how drivers interact with an empty course since the qualifiers are done solo.

Matchup Bets

In a matchup bet, you get to choose two drivers or teams to compare and bet between. This is great if you have a larger pool of drivers you are unfamiliar with or if you have two that you happen to know a lot about.

Matchup bets are not on who you think will win the race. The only thing you are trying to determine between the two is who will finish higher, meaning that Driver A could finish last and Driver B could finish second to last, and you would still win if you bet on Driver B.

Podium Finish Bets

In a podium finish betting, your only job is to pick a driver who will place either first, second, or third. You do not need to clarify where you think they will finish. As long as they earn their place on that podium, you win your bet.

These are most popular with Indycar races or Formula 1.

Future Bets

Future bets pertain to events that are far off, like championship races. The idea is that you place your bet as soon as possible, but you can wait to see how the climate of the season settles. But, of course, the longer you wait, the less you stand to make.

Future bets are considered a fun option because they depend less on your knowledge and more on luck or chance.

Prop Bets

When you wager on a prop, bet you are putting money on an aspect within the race that has little to no impact on the result of the race. A popular example of prop bets overall is the length of the national anthem, which has absolutely nothing to do with winners or losers.

Prop bets can be harder to accurately predict because you have little to go with.

Fastest Lap

In the fastest lap bet, you are predicting which driver will have the fastest lap time in the entire race. It sounds simple because it is.

There is a bit of research that you can do to try to determine this, but that can all be undone by a driver whose foot gets a bit heavy. If there is a driver that is known for bursts of speed, you might want to bet on them.

In the fastest lap race, you get a bit of a break from betting on winners. You can win the fastest lap race even if your driver is unable to complete the race or they happen to finish with a lower speed overall.

Tips for Motorsports Betting in Maryland

Know your stats

As with any other sport, the key to winning consistently when Motorsports betting in Maryland is filling your mind with statistics. At the very least, you should know:

  • Average finish
  • Average running position
  • Laps lead
  • Driver rating

These stats are the bare minimum. Make sure you are catching up on overviews if you miss a race.

Stay up to date on race previews and weather conditions

On top of what you should already know, race previews will ensure your web of knowledge is filled in. Do not submit wagers before going over race previews.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the weather conditions that are expected on the day of the race. Some drivers do perfectly fine in all weather conditions. Some drive a bit slower; unfortunately, some drivers crash in poor weather.

Your job here is to know how different types of weather affect each driver. Even if you intend to skip moneylines in wet road conditions, keep in mind that the weather affects performance and can switch up almost anything you know to be true.

Choose one race type to start

Motorsports is a general term that encompasses many types of races, so you should start with whichever race you are most familiar with. Just because Formula 1 and NASCAR both deal with cars does not mean that your NASCAR knowledge will transfer seamlessly.

You can always expand in the future, but betting on F1 in MD is not like diving into a pool, neither is betting on NASCAR in MD. When there is money involved, you should stay on the side of caution, especially when you are starting out.

FAQ’s About Motorsports Betting in Maryland

Are Motorsports betting legal in Maryland?

All sports betting is legal in Maryland. In May 2021, bill HB 940 was signed into law, legalizing betting on sports in Maryland. Beyond this, the sportsbooks we have listed would not allow you to register if it was not legal.

Should I consider the grid position when predicting Motorsports results?

While it is not the only factor, grid positions have a lot to do with the end position of drivers. For example, drivers in pole position are more likely to place first. Therefore, if you have knowledge of how grid position can influence the race, you should use it.

How much money should I set aside for Motorsports betting in Maryland?

Whatever you can set aside without encroaching on necessary funds should be fine to put aside for betting. Of course, it is better to have all this money set aside before you begin your betting season, but if it works better to budget monthly, then do what works for you.

Is it safe to bet online?

Online betting is safe as long as you use a safe website to do so. Before you sign up anywhere, you should look into reviews regarding their security. They should have any relevant licensing information on their website, and their site should be secured (you can check this quick by looking for a padlock symbol on your URL toolbar.)

What is required of me to bet on Motorsports online?

You will have to be eighteen or older. Beyond that, you will need two forms of ID, usually something with a photograph of you and something to establish your residency.